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Former LGBT Activist Expresses Regret Over Indoctrinating Children with Gender Ideology

A former pro-transgender activist, Kay Yang, has publicly expressed regret over her past involvement in pro-transgender activism and the indoctrination of children with gender ideology. In an interview with Fox News Digital, Yang revealed that she now believes she was “groomed” in her previous work and that her good intentions were exploited to promote a mass marketing campaign for gender ideology among children.

Regrets and Awareness:

Kay Yang, a former employee at an LGBT center in New York, admitted that she had to face the damage caused by her previous activism and the indoctrination of young children with gender ideology. She described her awakening to the realization that her work at the center involved grooming children. The term “grooming” in this context refers to preparing individuals for a specific objective.

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Attack and Opposition:

Yang, who is now an outspoken critic of gender ideology being taught in K-12 education, faced opposition and was physically assaulted while protesting against the topic at a pride event in New York City. She recounted being kicked, hit, pushed, and mobbed by individuals who identify as females.

Exploitation and Normalization:

Reflecting on her past, Yang explained that she initially joined the LGBT center with the intention of fighting for human rights and equality for gay couples. However, she now believes her good intentions were exploited to promote gender ideology among children. Yang expressed shock at the normalization of policies and practices that she believes cause irreversible medical harm to healthy children.

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Awakening and Self-Reflection:

Yang acknowledged that she was indoctrinated into the beliefs and concepts of gender ideology during her time at the LGBT center. She realized that she was considered an expert on the topic, despite lacking a comprehensive understanding of what she was teaching. She described her own devastation upon realizing the consequences of her actions and the need to face herself and what she had done.

Advocacy and Concern:

Kay Yang is now dedicated to preventing young girls from being indoctrinated as she believes she was. She expressed concerns about children being taught untruths about themselves, their bodies, and the world around them. Yang emphasized the importance of teaching children to love and respect their bodies, regardless of their gender, and the potential dangers of promoting ideologies that erode sex-based rights.


Kay Yang’s journey from a pro-transgender activist to a critic of gender ideology highlights the complexities surrounding this issue. Her regret and self-reflection offer insights into the potential impact of indoctrinating children with gender ideology. The interview underscores the ongoing debate and the need for critical examination of the implications of gender ideology in education and society.

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