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Former Mongolian President Mocks Putin’s Historical Justifications By Showing Historical Map of Massive Mongolian Empire

The former president of Mongolia, Tsakhia Elbegdorj, took a swipe at Russian President Vladimir Putin’s historical justifications for the invasion of Ukraine, highlighting the vastness of the Mongol Empire compared to Russia’s historical territory.

Putin’s Historical Justifications

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Putin has often cited historical borders to rationalize Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, claiming a historical connection between the two nations. 

However, his historical arguments have faced criticism from historians.

Mongolia’s Former President Responds

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Elbegdorj shared maps depicting the extent of the Mongol Empire, showcasing its expansive territory compared to Russia’s historical boundaries. 

His tweet subtly mocked Putin’s historical narrative.

Mongol Empire’s Historical Significance

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The Mongol Empire was once the largest in the world, spanning across Eurasia and encompassing parts of modern-day China, Russia, and Ukraine. 

Its historical influence remains significant.

Comparing Mongol Empire to Modern-Day Russia

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Elbegdorj’s maps highlighted the vastness of the Mongol Empire and juxtaposed it with the smaller territorial extent of Russia during the 15th century.

Current Status of Mongolia

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While Mongolia has a smaller landmass today compared to its imperial past, it remains one of the world’s largest nations in terms of overall territory. 

Its location between China and Russia holds strategic importance.

Mongolia’s Stance on Ukraine Invasion

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While the Mongolian government has not explicitly condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it has not shown support either. 

However, Elbegdorj has been vocal in his backing of Ukraine.

Elbegdorj’s Support for Ukraine

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Elbegdorj has publicly expressed solidarity with Ukraine and called for support from the world’s democracies. 

He emphasized the importance of defending freedom and providing Ukraine with necessary resources.

Putin’s Attitude Towards Freedom

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Elbegdorj criticized Putin’s attitude towards freedom, describing him as intolerant of differences and competition. 

He highlighted Putin’s fear of a free Ukraine and his narcissistic tendencies.

Calls for Solidarity with Ukraine

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Elbegdorj urged the international community to stand firm in support of Ukraine’s freedom and to supply the necessary weapons for its defense. 

He underscored the threat posed by Putin’s authoritarian regime.

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