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Former NSA John Bolton Says World Leaders See Trump as a “Laughing Fool”

Former national security adviser John Bolton has launched a scathing critique of former President Donald Trump, asserting that world leaders view him as a “laughing fool” and criticizing his understanding of the presidency.

Trump Unfit For Commander in Chief Role

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Bolton’s comments came during an interview on CNN’s “The Source with Kaitlin Collins,” as he promoted a new edition of his memoir, where he describes Trump as “unfit” for the role of commander in chief.

World Leaders’ Perspective

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According to Bolton, world leaders such as Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, and Kim Jong Un perceive Trump as a figure of amusement and believe they can exploit his self-absorption.

Trump Doesn’t Understand The Job

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He told CNN, “Well, I think the hard men of history, like Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, understand what their job is for their respective country.

I don’t think Trump understands what the job of the presidency is for ours,” he said.

Questioning Trump’s Diplomacy

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During the interview, Bolton highlighted his past experiences in meetings and phone conversations with world leaders, suggesting that Trump’s relationships with these figures were not as friendly as perceived.

“And I will say, having been in the room with him, in meeting those people, having listened in, on his phone conversations, I don’t think they are really friendly with Donald Trump,” he said.

Impact on National Security

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Bolton expressed concern about Trump’s decision-making in matters of national security, stating that the former president’s focus was primarily on personal relationships with authoritarian leaders.

Inability To Make Consistent Decisions

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He questioned Trump’s ability to make consistent decisions grounded in the country’s security interests.

Trump’s Priorities


In Bolton’s view, Trump’s inconsistency on key issues stems from his preoccupation with public image and media attention.

He argued that in times of crisis, the nation requires a resolute president who prioritizes national security over personal image.

Putin’s Alleged Preference

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Bolton suggested that leaders like Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping would welcome Trump’s return to the White House, believing him to be an “easy mark.”

Trump’s Bombastic Claims On Ukraine

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He pointed out that Putin would “love” for Trump to follow through on his promise to solve the war in Ukraine “in 24 hours.”

“That is impossible. And — but when you come to the end of the 24 hours, obviously, it won’t be Donald Trump that failed, because that doesn’t happen. It must be one of the other two,” Bolton said.

Efforts Would End Up With Finger Pointing

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Bolton added, “I think he would point the finger at [Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky]. I think Putin would be delighted with the outcome, at that point.”

Doubts About Trump’s Capability

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Bolton made it clear that he doubts Trump’s capacity to make decisions rooted in national security concerns.

He emphasized Trump’s inconsistency and indicated that the former president’s focus was primarily on how he appeared in the media and the public eye.

A Need for Resoluteness

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“When you’re in a crisis, you need a president who is resolute, who can keep his eyes on the prize and worry about our national security, not his own image,” he added.

Bolton’s Ongoing Criticism

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Since departing from the Trump administration in 2019, John Bolton has consistently criticized the former president’s leadership and decision-making on various issues.

Bolton’s latest comments add to the ongoing debate surrounding Trump’s presidency and his standing in the eyes of world leaders.

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