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Former Presidential Doctor Criticizes White House’s ‘Negligence’ in Allowing Biden to Run for President Again

Ronny Jackson, a GOP Representative from Texas and former White House physician, has once again voiced his concerns regarding President Biden’s health, stating that the president is “neither physically nor mentally fit” after witnessing him stumble on stage during a graduation ceremony at the U.S. Air Force Academy last Thursday.

“I don’t mean to harp on the same issue, but I must reiterate: This man is neither physically nor mentally fit to hold the presidential office, which is an alarming predicament for us,” Jackson stated.

He made the remarks on Fox News Channel’s ‘Hannity’ on Friday evening. “Part of a president’s duty is to instill confidence and demonstrate strength, which he is failing to do. His age restricts him, and I find it quite regrettable.”

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Recent slip-ups and tumbles are a cause for concern

According to Jackson, Biden’s numerous slip-ups and recent tumble are a testament to his unsuitability, creating an “unappealing package that won’t be endorsed globally.”

“I believe his deteriorating physical health is now accentuating the cognitive decline we’ve been observing for a while,” Jackson commented. “The package is simply unappealing on an international stage, evolving into a national security concern. We need to address this.”

Who should be held accountable for Biden?

“The notion that he sees himself fit to serve as president at the ripe age of 86 when he’s currently 80, with the possibility of remaining in office for another six years, is simply negligent on the part of the White House and West Wing to permit such a scenario, let alone him contemplating running for another term,” Jackson continued.

“Someone needs to be held accountable. Those closest to him, like Jill Biden, who supposedly care for him, should be intervening and putting a stop to this. It’s truly disheartening.”

Will Biden need to use a walker?

Jackson voiced his concern about the “stage where our commander in chief requires a walker” to move around during events.

“Can you picture it? It would present a more favorable image than what we’re currently witnessing – him hobbling around with a walker,” he commented. “At least he wouldn’t be publicly falling over. It’s demeaning for him and equally embarrassing for our country.”

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Is the second term in question for Biden?

Credit: DepositPhotos

Jackson, who hopes Biden won’t be re-elected next year, shared his doubt that Biden can “truly complete his remaining term, and there’s absolutely no way this man can serve as our president for another four years.”

Having previously served as the White House doctor to former Presidents Obama and Donald Trump, Jackson has persistently questioned Biden’s cognitive fitness for office.

Biden to resign or undergo a clinical screening assessment

In April, Jackson distributed a letter among House Republicans insisting that Biden undergo a cognitive assessment or withdraw from the 2024 race. This recent letter, initially obtained by Fox News, emerged shortly after Biden confirmed his intention to run for re-election next year.

The letter mentioned Biden’s age, public blunders, and polls indicating that many Americans question the president’s cognitive health.

“When you initially declared your candidacy for the 2020 presidential election, your cognitive abilities were put into question. These concerns have only amplified as your mental decline and forgetfulness have become increasingly noticeable since your election,” Jackson penned in the letter.

Biden’s health remains in question

In February, Jackson demanded an end to the “concealment” of Biden’s health after the president’s physical declared him healthy and fit for the role of commander-in-chief.

“Most Americans can discern that Biden’s mental health is deteriorating, yet there is no disclosure from the White House about any measures being taken, if any, to address this issue and his incapacity to fulfill his duties,” Jackson stated to Fox News Digital.

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Biden admin accused of ‘concealing the reality’

“The written physical examination report released yesterday by Biden’s doctor, Kevin O’Connor, further substantiates that this administration is resolute about concealing the reality,” he said.

The Biden administration has continuously dismissed worries about Biden’s mental sharpness. Earlier this year, GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley suggested that politicians over 75 should undergo mental competency exams.

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