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Former Trump Aide Appeals to Supreme Court To Avoid Imprisonment

Former White House adviser Peter Navarro has lodged an urgent appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court to delay the start of his four-month jail term for two counts of contempt of Congress. 

Navarro’s conviction comes due to his refusal to cooperate with the House Select Committee’s probe of the Capitol riots.

Navarro’s Conviction and Sentence

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Navarro was convicted in September for his non-compliance with the committee’s inquiries related to efforts to postpone the election certification in 2020.

Imprisonment Due Imminently

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His imprisonment in the case is scheduled to commence in the coming week.

Grounds for Navarro’s Appeal

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In his defense, his attorney justified that Navarro isn’t a threat to public safety and should not be sent to prison.

Navarro’s Trial Testimony

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During the trial, David Buckley, previous committee staff director, focused on their stance to question Navarro about his role in the “Green Bay Sweep” plan.

Assertion of Executive Privilege

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Navarro’s defense of executive privilege as a reason for his non-cooperation marks a notable legal strategy, especially as it led to a conviction for contempt of Congress.

Broader Questions

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The case raises broader questions about the limits of executive authority in responding to congressional investigations.

Argument of Navarro’s Legal Team

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Navarro’s attorney argued that the conviction was the first for a senior presidential adviser asserting executive privilege.

Legal Standard Established

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Due to these reasons, this case would set a significant legal standard for future cases to be dealt with. 

First Former Trump Adviser Facing Prison

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If he serves his term, Navarro will be the first aide of the former President to be put behind bars for the events of January 6.

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