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Former Trump Bedminster Club Employee Files Lawsuit Alleging Sexual Harassment and Coercion to Sign NDA

A former server at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., has taken legal action against the club, accusing her boss of sexual harassment and alleging that she was pressured into signing a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) by former President Trump’s current attorney. Alice Bianco filed the lawsuit on Wednesday in the Superior Court of New Jersey, detailing her disturbing experiences.

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According to Bianco’s complaint, when she began working at Trump National Golf Club in 2021, her manager, Pavel Melichar, forcibly kissed her and tried to pressure her into engaging in sexual activity.

Melichar, the food and beverage manager at the club, reportedly gave Bianco a bottle of cognac, invited her into his office, and claimed that he would protect her. However, he proceeded to forcibly kiss her and demanded sexual favors from her.

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Bianco attempted to fend off Melichar’s advances, but he held significant power over her workplace, making it clear that he could either make her life easy or difficult.

The situation escalated when Melichar started requiring Bianco to have sex with him in order to maintain her employment. To further manipulate her, Melichar would show her videos of Trump praising him, implying his close relationship with the former president.

In addition to the sexual harassment, Bianco claims that Melichar gave her unfair job assignments and allowed others to mistreat her and steal her tips when she rejected his advances.

The complaint, filed by Bianco’s attorney Nancy Erika Smith, also states that another female employee intended to complain about Melichar’s behavior. Bianco and this colleague wrote a letter in July 2021, which prompted a call from a member of Trump Human Resources.

Credit: DepositPhotos

Alina Habba, who was not representing Trump at the time but had been to the club before, approached Bianco. The lawsuit alleges that Habba pretended to be a friend and encouraged Bianco to terminate her lawyer’s services.

Habba allegedly groomed Bianco, persuading her not to publicly expose her accusations against Melichar and coercing her to sign an NDA, which she eventually did.

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Following Bianco’s signing of the NDA, Habba warned her against selling her story to the media, emphasizing that she would owe Trump the settlement proceeds and that the media would only pay a minimal amount. Shortly after this interaction, Habba began representing the former president.

Although Melichar, Habba, and Trump are not named as defendants in the lawsuit, it targets the Lamington Farm Club, the company that owns the Trump National Golf Club located outside New York City.

Bianco aims to prevent the club from enforcing the NDA and requests that Habba be referred to the New Jersey Office of Attorney Ethics for her actions.

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