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Former Trump CFO Pleads Guilty to Perjury Regarding Penthouse Dimensions

Allen Weisselberg, the ex-CFO of the Trump Organization, has pleaded guilty to perjury for his role in exaggerating the financial statements related to Donald Trump’s penthouse, according to a recent court session in Manhattan.

Second Jail Term for Weisselberg

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Judge Laurie Peterson announced that Weisselberg, at the age of 76, is set to serve a five-month jail sentence, marking his second time being incarcerated in connection with Trump’s business dealings.

Trump’s Legal Battles Intensify

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As Donald Trump prepares for his March 25 criminal trial over falsifying business records, he also faces three other indictments concerning the 2020 election and mishandling government documents, to all of which he has pleaded not guilty.

Weisselberg’s Admission

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In his plea agreement, Weisselberg confessed to lying under oath about his oversight of Trump’s financial statements, which included inflated claims about the size of Trump’s Manhattan penthouse.

The Truth Unfolds

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Despite previous denials, evidence from Weisselberg’s emails revealed his direct involvement in overvaluing Trump’s property, contradicting his testimony that he was not part of valuing the penthouse incorrectly.

Exaggerated Valuations Questioned

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The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has charged Weisselberg with the penthouse’s valuation, which was initially claimed to be $327 million, a figure criticized as “absurd” by New York State Attorney General Letitia James.

Scheduled Sentencing

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Weisselberg’s lawyer stated that his client looks forward to moving beyond this ordeal, with sentencing set for April 10, indicating the legal proceedings’ impact on Weisselberg’s life and career.

Financial and Legal Repercussions

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Judge Arthur Engoron ordered Weisselberg to pay $1.1 million, including interest, last month, highlighting the financial consequences of his actions and his unreliability due to ongoing financial ties to the Trump Organization.

Engoron’s Critique

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Engoron criticized the Trump Organization for keeping Weisselberg “on a short leash,” impacting the credibility of his testimony and reflecting the complex relationship between Weisselberg and the company.

Trump Fined in Fraud Case

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In addition to Weisselberg’s legal troubles, Trump has been ordered to pay $454.2 million in relation to fraudulent practices, a ruling Trump denounces as part of a political witch hunt against him.

No Cooperation Indicated

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Weisselberg’s plea agreement does not suggest cooperation with the District Attorney, marking a significant moment in his long association with the Trump family and their business operations.

Weisselberg’s Legal Journey

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Having worked with the Trump family for over five decades, Weisselberg’s recent jail term for a tax fraud scheme and his involvement in the Trump Organization’s legal battles highlight the ongoing legal scrutiny surrounding Trump’s business empire.

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