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Former Trump Lawyer Claims Trump Was Determined to Stay in White House Despite Election Loss

In an interview with the Georgia district attorney’s office, attorney Jenna Ellis revealed that one of Donald Trump’s top aides informed her that Trump had no intention of leaving the White House “under any circumstances” after losing the election to Joe Biden. Ellis, who is cooperating in the Georgia election interference case against Trump, did not disclose the identity of the aide but mentioned that there were two other relevant instances supporting her claim. The video recordings of Ellis’ statements, along with those of other defendants who reached plea agreements, were published by ABC News and the Washington Post.

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Ellis recounted a conversation with the aide, in which she expressed skepticism about Trump’s remaining legal options to challenge the election results. The aide, identified as Dan Scavino, responded enthusiastically, saying, “Well, we don’t care, and we’re not going to leave.” Ellis, however, could not disclose further details due to attorney-client privilege.

The recordings of the defendants’ statements were meant to provide valuable information for ongoing investigations and cases against other defendants. Additionally, statements from Scott Hall, a Georgia bail bondsman, and Kenneth Chesebro, a lawyer, were reviewed by the Post. Chesebro claimed to have given Trump a memo outlining advice on creating alternate slates of electors, which were part of a scheme to cast fake ballots in favor of Trump in states won by Biden. These statements could potentially serve as evidence that Trump was aware of the plot.

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Lawyer Sidney Powell, who also reached a plea agreement, explained the rise of lesser-known lawyers, including herself, to become key advisers to Trump. Powell attributed their support to being “the only ones willing to sustain the White House,” as others urged Trump to concede.

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Trump currently faces a total of 90 criminal charges across four indictments. These charges include election subversion, retention of government secrets, and illicit hush-money payments. He is also confronted with civil lawsuits related to his business dealings and a rape allegation that a judge deemed “substantially true.” Despite these legal challenges, Trump remains popular among potential Republican presidential nominees for the 2024 election.

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