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Former Trump Lawyer Thinks Trump Could Face Jail Time

The potential legal issues faced by former president Donald Trump seem to be intensifying. Recent revelations indicate that the special counsel investigating the former president will be granted access to 16 records, highlighting that Trump was well-versed in the proper protocol for declassifying documents.

Former White House lawyer for Trump, Ty Cobb, joined Erin Burnett on CNN to discuss the matter. 

Cobb discusses the case on CNN

Cobb stated, “So, I wouldn’t, if it was me, I wouldn’t necessarily expand the case to try to prove the Espionage Act piece of it.”

“Because there is so much evidence of guilty knowledge on the espionage piece that all they really have to do is show that Trump moved these documents at various times when DOJ was either demanding them or actually present, that he filed falsely with the Justice Department.”

“Had his lawyers file falsely with the Justice Department and Affidavit to the effect that none existed, which was shattered by the documents they discovered after the search and the many other misrepresentations that he and others have made on his behalf with regard to his possession of classified documents.” 

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Cobb predicts jail time for Trump

He further stated unequivocally, “Yes, I do think he will go to jail on it.”

Credits: DepositPhotos

As previously highlighted by OK!, a raid took place at Trump’s Florida residence, Mar-a-Lago, after it was suspected that he had retained classified documents post-presidency. 

Currently, more evidence pointing towards Trump’s obstruction of justice has been unveiled by the Justice Department.

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NARA to ‘hand over’ 16 records to Jack Smith

Reports from multiple sources who conversed with CNN indicate that the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is “set to hand over to special counsel Jack Smith 16 records that show Trump and his top advisers had knowledge of the correct declassification process while he was president.”

Debra Steidel Wall, NARA’s acting archivist, sent a letter to Trump on Tuesday, May 16, stating, “The 16 records in question all reflect communications involving close presidential advisers, some of them directed to you personally, concerning whether, why, and how you should declassify certain classified records.”

Over the past several months, Trump has made several assertions, alleging that he possessed the authority to declassify these documents.

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You can declassify just by saying it’s declassified – Trump

He said to Sean Hannity, “There doesn’t have to be a process to declassify, as I understand it. If you’re the president of the United States, you can declassify just by saying it’s declassified, even by thinking about it. There can be a process, but there doesn’t have to be.” 

He expressed similar sentiments while speaking to Kaitlan Collins at a CNN town hall event on May 10.

Asserting his reasoning for taking the documents post-presidency, he stated, “I had every right to under the Presidential Records Act,” adding, “You have the Presidential Records Act. I was there, and I took what I took, and it gets declassified.”

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