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Former US Intelligence Officer Warns China Is Ready To Unleash a ‘Storm’ on Taiwan as Military Buildup Continues

Recent assessments by former top U.S. intelligence personnel have sparked concerns over China’s increasing military activities near Taiwan, suggesting a potential for conflict in the near future.

The reunification of Taiwan with mainland China has been a top priority for Chinese President Xi Jinping’s administration. 

He has frequently described this as being essential to China’s national rejuvenation. 

This ambition has been a central theme in Xi’s political narrative, reinforcing his commitment to this cause.

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Credits: DepositPhotos

China’s airspace incursions into Taiwan have become more frequent and intense, indicating Beijing’s growing frustration and strategic hostility towards the independent island.

Mike Studeman, a seasoned figure in U.S. intelligence, detailed his perspectives on warontherocks.com, stating that China is decidedly on a path to unleash a “storm” on Taiwan. 

According to reports, the Politburo is now ready to act as a war cabinet against Taiwan as a result of significant leadership changes at the 20th Party Congress.

China has expedited its military development programs, which were initially scheduled for 2035, in order to finish them by 2027, per Xi’s directive. 

Studeman noted, “China’s hyper-militarisation represents the greatest build-up of arms since the end of the Cold War.”

This shift aims to equip China with enhanced capabilities, potentially to facilitate action against Taiwan sooner than previously planned.

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Credits: DepositPhotos – Beijing, China – May 1, 2005: A row of somber Chinese soldiers watch the evening flag-lowering ceremony in Tiananmen Square — Photo by LeeSnider

China’s military expansion includes the creation of extensive underground facilities, advancements in space technology, and the establishment of the world’s largest naval force. 

These developments are part of a broader strategy to bolster China’s offensive and defensive capacities.

The formation of the Strategic Support Force, integrating space, electronic warfare, and cyber capabilities, alongside a sophisticated ballistic missile arsenal, demonstrates China’s focus on multi-dimensional warfare readiness.

Former head of the U.S. Strategic Command, Admiral Charles Richard, has voiced concern over the quick development of China’s nuclear forces, characterizing it as a “strategic breakout” that has the potential to drastically shift the balance of power in the region. 

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Credits: Depositphotos – 5 JULY 2017 – BERLIN: Xi Jinping – German Chancellor’s Meeting with the Chinese State Representative, Federal Chancellery — Photo by 360ber

Xi has made strengthening China’s economy a top priority in anticipation of possible Western sanctions akin to those imposed on Russia, further hinting at the country’s readiness for confrontational measures.

The comprehensive military and economic preparations suggest that China is seriously considering aggressive moves towards Taiwan, with potential repercussions that could involve NATO and lead to broader international conflict.

In this charged atmosphere, global powers watch warily as Beijing continues to assert its might while Taiwan and its allies brace for any potential military aggression. 

The situation remains fluid, with the international community calling for restraint and diplomatic resolution.