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Fox Host Tries To Tie Illegal Immigrants to Baltimore Bridge Collapse

Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo’s attempt to correlate the tragic collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge with the current administration’s immigration policies has come under fire.

During a discussion with Sen. Rick Scott, the host tried to link the bridge collapse with the topics of “wide-open border” and “world affairs,” suggesting a potential link.

Unfortunately, she did not provide any evidence to support such a claim.

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The assertion that the bridge’s structural failure, involving a Singaporean-flagged vessel named the Dali, had any connection to U.S. immigration policy was met with widespread criticism.

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle condemned Bartiromo’s remarks as “reprehensible stupidity,” highlighting the inappropriateness of such speculative commentary in light of the ongoing rescue efforts and the grief of affected families.

The Dali ship struck a key pillar of the bridge in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

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As a result of the impact, the bridge partially collapsed. 

A work crew and a large truck conducting repairs were on the bridge at the time.

Six individuals are reported missing, causing a frantic search for survivors and leading to rescue operations in the cold waters.

Credits: DepositPhotos

Authorities, including Baltimore’s fire chief and mayor, have focused on the search and rescue efforts and supporting the families impacted by this disaster.

Meanwhile, preliminary reports suggest the Dali lost propulsion before the collision, with no indication from officials that the event was intentional or linked to terrorism.

Critics of Bartiromo’s commentary argue that such baseless speculation detracts from the immediate concerns of rescue and recovery and the need for accurate information. 

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