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Fox News Enters Blockchain Era with New Media Source Tracking Platform

Fox Corp. has launched a groundbreaking blockchain platform, Verify, in partnership with Polygon Labs. This initiative is set to transform how online content is tracked and authenticated.

Verify’s Core Objective

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Verify serves as an innovative solution to the challenge of content provenance in the digital age. It acts as a cryptographic internet database, ensuring the origin and history of media content.

Addressing the Provenance Problem

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Content: Polygon Labs highlights the lack of real-world solutions to authenticate content’s origin. Verify, however, focuses on the source of content rather than its factual accuracy.

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 The AI Challenge

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The proliferation of AI-generated media raises significant challenges in distinguishing truth from fiction. Verify aims to assure readers about the authenticity of content from its original publishers.

Bridging Media and AI

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Verify proposes a crucial connection between media companies and AI platforms. This will enable media companies to confirm their ownership of content used by AI platforms like ChatGPT.

Licensing and Content Control

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With Verify, media companies can manage licensing deals with AI companies more effectively. This platform offers more control over AI-generated text and images.

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Verify’s Beta Launch

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Fox Corp. CTO Melody Hildebrandt disclosed the beta launch of Verify in August. The platform has already integrated over 80,000 pieces of content from various Fox divisions.

The Future of Fox Content

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Fox Corp. plans to incorporate all its content, including entertainment, into the Verify protocol. This will extend Verify’s scope across all Fox media.

AI’s Growing Impact

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The introduction of tools like ChatGPT has highlighted the potential risks of AI, especially in the creation of deepfakes. These concerns have captured the attention of both governments and tech leaders.

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Legal Challenges in AI

San Francisco, USA, February 15, 2023: OpenAI headquarters glass building concept. ChatGPT artificial intelligence company symbol on front facade 3d illustration. — Photo by Skorzewiak

Microsoft and OpenAI are currently facing lawsuits for allegedly using authors’ work without consent in training ChatGPT. The New York Times has also filed a similar lawsuit.

Industry Concerns and Responses

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The entertainment industry, including writers and actors, has expressed fears about AI replacing humans. Strikes in 2023 were a testament to these concerns.

Social Media’s Role

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Social media giants like Meta and YouTube are taking steps to regulate AI use. These measures include restrictions on AI in political advertising and informing viewers about AI-generated content.

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