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From Cheers to Jeers: Ex-Anheuser-Busch Employee Alleges ‘Strategic Destruction’ of Bud Light

A Controversial Partnership

What was thought to be a partnership for inclusivity may have turned out to be a strategic blunder, or was it? A former employee of Anheuser-Busch says that Bud Light’s controversial tie-up with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney was a “strategic” move to change the brand’s audience forever.

Backlash Brewing

The popular beer brand was under fire when Mulvaney posted a photo with a personalized Bud Light can on Instagram. The public’s response was a steep plunge in sales. While the company’s CEO maintains they never wanted to be a part of a divisive conversation, the anonymous ex-employee implies the move was anything but unplanned.

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An Insider’s Account

The former worker tells Tomi Lahren on OutKick, “Many of us are talking about that like they planned it in a way…like a strategic destruction of Bud Light.” He claims that there’s widespread discontent over the decline in sales and the partnership is seen as a “very bad idea”. However, he conjectures that this might be a corporate-level strategy to undermine the American company.

A Shaky Transition

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With the company’s acquisition by InBev, the former employee shares that a lot changed from the times when Anheuser-Busch owned it. He suggests that through this dip in Bud Light sales, the corporation might aim to restructure employee benefits and company standards via layoffs and renegotiated contracts.

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A Calculated Move?

He comments, “It’s too obvious that they wouldn’t just mistakenly do this and not expect these repercussions.” The recent NiselsenIQ data indicates that Bud Light sales were down by 24.4% compared to last year for the week ending June 3, and over the past four weeks, they were down 24.6% relative to the same period last year. The brand has even lost its title as the #1 selling beer brand to Modelo Especial, a position it had held for over two decades.

An Inside Outrage

“I’m angry at the company on the corporate level just because they had to have known that this was going to happen. And they let it happen,” the ex-employee states. While he admits that his thoughts are speculative, he believes that the brand’s current state is far from the company he once knew.

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