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Fulton County DA Fani Willis Faces Allegations Amidst Trump Case Prosecution

Former U.S. Attorney Michael Moore suggests that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis may be conceding to allegations of an inappropriate relationship, notably after she employed a defense invoking race.

Alleged Romance with Wade

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The accusations involve her alleged romantic involvement with special prosecutor Nathan Wade, who was hired to handle the election interference case against former President Trump.

Willis’ Defense Raises Eyebrows

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Court documents reveal that Fani Willis, currently facing accusations of a romantic relationship with Nathan Wade, defended herself by attributing the allegations to a racially motivated attack on those questioning her actions.

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Acceptance of Guilt

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Michael Moore, a former U.S. Attorney, interpreted this defense as a possible concession of the allegations’ validity.

Financial Benefits and Legal Ties

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The court filing claims that Willis financially benefited from the relationship with Wade, as they allegedly enjoyed lavish vacations funded by his firm’s earnings from the Trump case.

Subpoena Issued

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Additionally, Willis has been subpoenaed to appear in court as part of Wade’s ongoing divorce proceedings.

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Allegations of Conspiracy

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In response to the subpoena, Willis’s attorney contended that Wade’s estranged wife conspired with interested parties to annoy, embarrass, and oppress Willis.

The filing argues that any information Willis could provide would be irrelevant due to the irretrievable breakdown of Wade’s marriage.

Optics Problem for Willis

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While Moore doesn’t believe the allegations alone will be destructive to the Trump case, he emphasized the potential “optics problem” for Willis.

He predicted that the judge may swiftly address the issue and demand clarification on the accuracy of the allegations.

Questions on Prosecutorial Decisions

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Moore raised concerns about Wade’s qualifications as a special prosecutor and questioned whether Willis hired someone with adequate felony prosecution experience for a case of this magnitude.

He speculated that the judge may seek explanations for the alleged financial disparities between Wade and another special assistant.

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Potential Legal Consequences

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Moore acknowledged that any potential prosecution of Willis would likely be a distant possibility.

However, he expressed unease about the substantial payment to Wade, suggesting that such disparities may need justification and could lead to legal consequences.

Race as a Defense

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Willis’s attempt to use race as a defense during a speech at an Atlanta church drew criticism from Moore.

He argued that such tactics might not be helpful in her attempt to squash the subpoena, and her emphasis on racial motives may indicate a deviation from the case’s core issues.

Crossing the Line with Racial Allegations

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Moore disapproved of Willis’s use of race as a shield or sword.

He believed her assertions about racial bias in questioning Wade’s activities might inadvertently lend credibility to some of the allegations against her.

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Unhelpful Comments for Defense

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Moore contended that Willis’s “attack” on those questioning Wade’s activities makes it more likely that some allegations may be true. He suggested that such comments are not conducive to passing the motion to quash the subpoena.

Call for Willis to Step Away

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Considering the allegations’ potential impact on the case’s integrity, Moore suggested that Willis should step away from the Trump case. He emphasized that the case is more significant than any one prosecutor and urged Willis to prioritize the facts over her political career.

Trump’s Co-Defendant Weighs In

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Michael Roman, co-defendant of Trump in the case, accused Willis and Wade of an improper and clandestine affair during the appointments for the 2020 election interference case. Roman seeks the charges to be dropped, further demanding the disqualification of the entire district attorney’s office from prosecuting the case.

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Moore’s Advice to Willis

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Moore explicitly advised Willis to step away from the case, emphasizing its significance beyond any individual prosecutor.

He believed doing so would help preserve the case’s integrity and demonstrate Willis’s commitment to the facts surrounding the Trump case rather than her political career.

Trump’s Indictment and Plea

Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images

In August, news broke that Willis had indicted Trump on charges related to allegedly attempting to subvert the results of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia.

Trump pleaded not guilty to charges, including violating Georgia’s anti-racketeering law.

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