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Gender Clinic Replaces “Mother” with “Egg Producer”

A notable stir has been caused by Rachel Levine, Assistant Secretary for Health at the Department of Health and Human Services, after her visit to an Alaska-based gender clinic.

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This clinic, known for its unique stance on biological sex terminology, has received praise from Levine for its work.

However, it’s the clinic’s use of unconventional terms such as “gestational parent,” “egg producer,” and “carrier” instead of “mother” that has garnered considerable attention and sparked a wider debate.

Levine’s endorsement of Identity Alaska, the gender clinic she visited on August 6, has led to discussions on the implications of these alternative terms.

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Identity Alaska is known for its “gender-inclusive biology” resources, specifically aimed at science educators.

These resources provide what they refer to as “child-friendly definitions” of gender-related terms, intended for use even as early as kindergarten.

The content encourages discussions about doctors “assigning” gender to babies through a “guess,” and advises on addressing sexual attraction with young children.

Beyond this, the curriculum challenges traditional terms like “mother.” Instead, it suggests using phrases such as “gestational parent,” “birth parent,” “egg producer,” or “carrier.”

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The terminology shift isn’t limited to reproduction discussions. Genetic explanations also undergo transformation. The curriculum swaps phrases like “genes from mom and dad” for “a mix of genes from sperm and egg.”

The driving force behind this approach is a desire to promote a social justice agenda.

The curriculum urges science teachers to focus on an “anti-oppression” angle, encouraging educators to explore how science has historically been used to perpetuate forms of oppression.

As Levine’s visit shines a spotlight on this unconventional approach, a broader discussion has ignited.

The use of language is central to our understanding of biology, identity, and societal norms.

The question at the heart of this debate is how to balance the pursuit of inclusivity with scientific accuracy, and whether adopting such terminology may have far-reaching consequences in shaping perspectives on biological and societal constructs..

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