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George Santos Announces Cameo Videos as Drag Queen Kitara Rivache

Former Rep. George Santos has sparked new headlines by announcing his return to the spotlight as his drag alter ego, Kitara Rivache, on the video-sharing platform Cameo. 

Santos, who was ousted from Congress in December, plans to use this platform to engage with the public by offering personalized videos for $350 each.

Santos, 35, shared on social platform X his excitement about bringing back his drag persona after an 18-year hiatus. 

The announcement comes as part of a broader effort by Santos to reinvent his public image following a turbulent exit from political office. 

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Initially, Santos turned to Cameo to supplement his income shortly after his congressional departure, noting that he made more in 48 hours on the platform than he would have annually in Congress.

In his latest venture, Santos has pledged that 20% of the proceeds from his Cameo videos will benefit two charitable organizations: the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews and the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. 

These organizations focus on fostering Jewish-Christian relations and supporting first responders and military personnel, respectively. 

However, representatives from both nonprofits have confirmed they were unaware of Santos’s plan to donate proceeds until his recent announcement.

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Credits: DepositPhotos

The controversies surrounding Santos have been numerous and varied, from accusations of fabricating details about his background and identity to allegations of financial improprieties. 

Notably, Santos faced criticism last year for allegedly misleading statements about his heritage and the dramatic claim that his mother was a 9/11 survivor, which was later debunked.

Additionally, Santos was accused of mismanaging funds raised for a veteran’s service dog, which he has denied. 

His personal life also came under scrutiny earlier this year when Brazilian drag queen Eula Rochard claimed Santos once performed as a drag queen, a claim Santos initially denied but later appeared to acknowledge in a casual manner.

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Credit: DepositPhotos

Despite these controversies, Santos seems undeterred in his public endeavors. 

His engagement on Cameo as Kitara Rivache marks a bold step in leveraging his newfound persona to engage with a wider audience and potentially rehabilitate his public image.

Santos’s legal troubles continue as well, with 23 federal charges against him including money laundering and wire fraud. 

His attorney, Andrew Mancilla, asserts Santos’s innocence and plans to move to dismiss the charges.

As Santos navigates these legal battles, his return to the public eye via Cameo poses questions about the intersection of entertainment, politics, and personal redemption. 

The move has undoubtedly captured the public’s attention, leaving many to watch closely how this next chapter in Santos’s life unfolds, both in and out of the courtroom.