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Georgia College Student Dies after Heroically Rescuing Girlfriend’s Sister from Drowning at Myrtle Beach

An 18-year-old college student from Georgia tragically lost his life after rescuing his girlfriend’s sister from drowning at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. Daniel Rowe, a freshman at Kennesaw State University, drowned from exhaustion while helping the 14-year-old girl reach the shore.

Despite the efforts of lifeguards and paramedics, Rowe suffered traumatic brain injuries and was pronounced brain dead. He passed away on July 3, with his death ruled as an accidental drowning. Rowe’s selfless act of heroism highlights the dangers of rip currents and the risks associated with water-related incidents.

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The Rescue and Tragic Outcome:

On June 20, while vacationing with his girlfriend’s family, Daniel Rowe bravely rescued his girlfriend’s sister from drowning in the ocean. The group had been caught in a rip current, causing physical exhaustion for everyone involved. 

Rowe’s Legacy of Compassion:

Described as a compassionate and caring individual, Daniel Rowe had a reputation for looking out for others. His cousin, Nashonie Chang, shared that Rowe’s selfless act of saving his girlfriend’s sister exemplified his character. The tragedy of his untimely passing has left his family and loved ones grappling with profound grief.

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Rip Current Dangers:

Rowe’s death underscores the dangers of rip currents. His case marks at least the fifth incident this year in which a person from Georgia has died in rip currents, with some losing their lives while attempting to save others. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) warns of the risks associated with rip currents and emphasizes the importance of understanding and recognizing these powerful currents to ensure beach safety.

Support and Gratitude:

Rowe’s body has been returned to Georgia, and his family is grateful for the outpouring of support they have received from their community. Despite the emotional toll of the tragedy, the family finds solace in the presence of caring individuals during this difficult time.

The loss of their beloved son and cousin has deeply affected them, but they remain thankful for the 18 years they had with Daniel and the memories they shared.


Daniel Rowe’s heroic act of rescuing his girlfriend’s sister from drowning ultimately cost him his life. His selflessness and bravery serve as a reminder of the risks associated with water-related activities and the importance of understanding rip currents.

The tragic outcome highlights the need for awareness and caution when enjoying beach environments. Rowe’s family, friends, and community mourn the loss of a compassionate young man and find strength in the support they have received during this challenging time.

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