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Georgia Court Clarifies ‘Fictitious’ Indictment Incident Preceding Trump Charges

The Fulton County Clerk of Courts Office has offered a revised explanation for the peculiar incident involving a “fictitious” indictment document that appeared on the Georgia court’s website before the grand jury officially voted on charges against former President Donald Trump and 18 others.

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Initially, a document detailing the same charges as the subsequent indictment was briefly accessible on the Fulton County Court’s website.

However, this document was swiftly removed, and a statement was released by the court labeling it as “fictitious.” The court emphasized that documents without an official case number, filing date, and the Clerk of Courts’ name should not be regarded as official filings.

A media outlet’s release of this document led to confusion, prompting the court to clarify the situation.

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The court explained that a docket sheet related to the former President was inadvertently shared with media outlets.

This docket sheet included what appeared to be an indictment but was, in fact, a “fictitious docket sheet.” The court revealed that this was the result of a test run using pre-existing charges to assess the system’s functionality before handling a potentially significant indictment.

Later, after the grand jury presented the True Bill to presiding Judge Robert McBurney, the official filing was executed with a file stamp and made public.

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The court expressed its understanding of the confusion caused by the incident and reiterated its commitment to operating transparently and efficiently.

Despite the court’s attempt to clarify the situation, questions remain regarding how the “sample working document” coincided precisely with the actual charges presented in the indictment.

The incident raises further scrutiny over the handling of legal proceedings and highlights the challenges associated with information dissemination in the digital age.

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