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Georgia Court Clerk Admits Error in Posting ‘Fictitious’ Trump Indictment

The Fulton County Clerk of Courts Office in Georgia has acknowledged making an error by posting a document containing charges against former President Donald Trump before an official grand jury vote on the matter. Ché Alexander, the Clerk of Superior and Magistrate Courts, admitted the mistake and explained that it occurred due to pressure to ensure the indictment process proceeded smoothly.

The incident occurred on Monday when the Fulton County Court’s website displayed a document detailing charges, which were later included in the official indictment released that night. The charges included violations of the Georgia RICO Act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act), solicitation of violation of oath by a public officer, and conspiracy to commit filing false documents.

The court initially referred to the posted document as “fictitious” and emphasized that documents lacking an official case number, filing date, and the Clerk of Courts’ name were not considered official filings.

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In an interview with local outlet WSB-TV, Ché Alexander admitted her role in the mishap, attributing it to her desire to quickly share the documents with the public. She explained, “I am human, and that’s how the mishap happened.” Alexander clarified that the document was not an official one and was part of a “dry run” or work sample in the system.

Responding to criticisms that the indictments were politically motivated, Alexander asserted that she had no vested interest and simply wanted to facilitate the process. She revealed that her office had faced threats following the incident and expressed a desire for transparency by explaining what happened.

The incident highlights the challenges and complexities of managing legal proceedings and documents, particularly in high-profile cases involving public figures like former President Donald Trump.

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