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Georgia GOP Member and Election Denier Caught Illegally Voting 9 Times

A high-ranking GOP official has been found to have illegally voted on nine separate occasions. 

Brian Pritchard, first vice chairman of the Georgia Republican Party and conservative radio personality, faces a $5,000 fine for both illegal voter registration and voting while under a felony conviction sentence. 

The ruling mandates Pritchard to abstain from further infractions, undergo public reprimands, and cover the costs of the State Election Board’s investigation.

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The verdict, delivered in a detailed 25-page document by Administrative Law Judge Lisa Boggs, substantiated the board’s findings against Pritchard, revealing his history of probation violations linked to felony forgery charges dating back to the mid-90s. 

Despite a probation period that extended into 2011, Pritchard incorrectly registered to vote in 2008, asserting his eligibility and subsequently casting ballots in multiple elections through 2010.

Throughout the proceedings, Pritchard maintained his unawareness of any barriers to his voter registration at the time of application, believing his probationary sentence had concluded. 

However, Judge Boggs critically evaluated his explanations and stated that the evidence overwhelmingly suggested Pritchard either knew or should have known about his ineligible status.

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Pritchard’s legal representation and the Georgia Republican Party have yet to comment on the ruling. 

This development emerges amidst Pritchard’s prior statements where he had said that he aims to “improve election integrity” within the party, contrasting with his now-documented illegal voting record. 

Additionally, his vocal skepticism regarding the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election outcome marks a significant point of irony, given the findings of illegal voting practices in his own actions.

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