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Georgia Man Fatally Shot in Confrontation with Drug Agents

Drug squad agents from Thomas County fatally shot Alfred Shawntez Cole, a 19-year-old man, after he allegedly pulled out a gun during a confrontation.
The shooting occurred while the agents were searching for a different individual with outstanding warrants, after a deputy asked them to be on the lookout for a beige Toyota Camry driving recklessly.

Details of the Incident

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The shooting occurred when the agents attempted to stop the Camry, driven by Cole, but he accelerated and tried to escape.
After a short chase, Cole stopped the car near some woods, got out of the vehicle, and brandished a handgun, leading two agents to open fire.

Attempted Stun Gun Use

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Prior to the shooting, the agents initially attempted to subdue Cole using a stun gun, but their efforts were unsuccessful.
Despite the use of the stun gun, Cole continued to flee from the agents.

Ongoing Investigation

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The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is currently leading the inquiry into the fatal shooting.
As part of the investigation, Cole’s stolen gun was recovered, and an autopsy will be conducted on his body.

Future Criminal Charges

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Once the investigation is complete, the district attorney will decide whether to pursue any criminal charges related to the shooting.
The district attorney’s decision will be based on the findings of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Fatal Shooting by Agents in Georgia

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A 19-year-old man, Alfred Shawntez Cole, was fatally shot by agents of the Thomas County Drug Squad in Georgia.
The shooting occurred during a confrontation after Cole pulled out a gun.

Incident Highlights

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The incident unfolded while the agents were searching for another individual with outstanding warrants.
A deputy had specifically asked the agents to be on the lookout for a beige Toyota Camry driving erratically.

Confrontation and Escape

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Upon spotting the Camry, the agents attempted to pull over the vehicle, but Cole chose to accelerate and flee instead.
Following a brief pursuit, Cole eventually stopped the car near a wooded area.

Display of Handgun

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Upon exiting the Camry, Cole brandished a handgun, prompting two agents to open fire.
The agents felt threatened by Cole’s actions, leading to the fatal shooting.

Less Lethal Force Unsuccessful

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The agents made an initial attempt to subdue Cole using a stun gun, but it proved ineffective.
Despite their efforts, Cole managed to escape the agents momentarily.

Investigation Headed by Georgia Bureau of Investigation

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The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has taken charge of the inquiry into the shooting incident.
Through this investigation, a thorough examination of the circumstances surrounding Cole’s death will be conducted.

Stolen Gun and Autopsy

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In connection with the shooting, a stolen gun was found in Cole’s possession.
Additionally, his body will undergo an autopsy to further gather evidence pertinent to the ongoing investigation.

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