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Giant Panda Steals the Show in SNL Cold Open

“Saturday Night Live” featured a talking giant panda joining a press conference alongside a mock President Biden in its cold open, following his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The impersonated Biden expressed his satisfaction with the meeting and humorously emphasized the importance of having more pandas in America.

The scene playfully addressed topics such as the pandas leaving the National Zoo, Biden’s age, and his previous comment about Xi being a dictator. Biden, portrayed by Mikey Day, initiated the scene by briefing reporters on his meeting with Xi.

During the mock press conference, the evoked humor revolved around the reporter’s question concerning Biden’s previous remarks about Xi being a dictator. Biden comically affirmed the statement, in line with his earlier comments.

One reporter even seized the opportunity to taunt Biden by simply stating, “You’re old.” As Biden began to grow weary of these unproductive questions, he introduced a “very important Chinese dignitary” who turned out to be Bowen Yang dressed as a panda.

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Credit: DepositPhotos

Yang, portraying the panda, expressed his honor at being present and playfully remarked on the public’s fixation on the panda issue, rather than focusing on more substantial matters between the two countries.

The impersonated reporters continued to make light of the panda situation, disregarding weightier subjects and instead asking the panda about his experience in America, whether it was a good time to return to China, and his thoughts on being called “envoys of friendship.” In response, the panda humorously shared his views on the current political climate in the U.S., expressing concerns about potential ramifications if certain events were to occur.

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When questioned further, the panda hesitated to disclose whether he would vote for Biden. The cold open concluded with Day, playing Biden, drawing a parallel between himself and the panda, highlighting their shared qualities such as being fathers and being adorably clumsy.

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Credit: DepositPhotos


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