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Gilbert Arenas Dismisses Possibility of Transgender Woman Playing in WNBA

Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas recently expressed his skepticism about the possibility of a transgender woman playing in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). Amid ongoing debates surrounding transgender participation in female sports, Arenas rejected the notion, emphasizing the distinct nature of basketball and the competitive mindset of elite female players.

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Arenas’ Views on Transgender Participation in the WNBA

According to Arenas, transgender women playing in the WNBA is unlikely to happen, even at the high school level. He argued that elite female basketball players view themselves as equals to males and often seek to train and compete with them. Therefore, male players who are exceptionally skilled would continue to compete with other males rather than choosing to play against women.

Critique of Hypothetical Scenarios

When presented with a hypothetical scenario of a male basketball player transitioning to play in the WNBA, Arenas dismissed it as unrealistic. He suggested that such players would instead opt to play basketball overseas or continue competing with men if they were already skilled enough. Arenas believed that players of high caliber would not lower their skill level to participate in women’s basketball.

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Arenas’ Perspective on Basketball Skill and Gender

Arenas contended that top-level female players strive to be at the highest level of the sport, which is currently the NBA for male basketball players. He argued that female players identify as “hoopers” rather than specifically as WNBA players, emphasizing their desire to be recognized for their basketball skills and compete at the highest level. Arenas suggested that these athletes would not want to be considered women in the context of basketball, but rather as skilled basketball players without gender-based limitations.

The Presence of LGBTQ+ Athletes in the WNBA

While transgender athletes may not currently be playing in the WNBA, Out Sports estimated that approximately 20% of WNBA rosters included a “publicly out” member of the LGBTQ+ community. This highlights the presence of LGBTQ+ athletes within the league and their contributions to the sport.


Gilbert Arenas’ comments reflect his skepticism about the possibility of a transgender woman playing in the WNBA. His perspective emphasizes the competitive mindset and aspirations of elite female basketball players who strive to compete at the highest level. As discussions surrounding transgender participation in sports continue, it remains a complex and evolving topic with diverse viewpoints and ongoing debates.

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