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Gold Star Families Express Anger Over Alleged Lies by Biden Administration Regarding Afghan Withdrawal

Gold Star families, who lost their loved ones in the Kabul airport bombing during the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, are expressing outrage and frustration over what they perceive as lies by the Biden administration.

Credit: DepositPhotos

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Steve Nikoui, whose son Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui was killed in the bombing, accused President Biden of using the botched exit as a political opportunity for a photo-op claiming victory over the 20-year war.

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Nikoui and other Gold Star families testified during a congressional forum in California, accusing the administration of providing false information and inconsistent reports about the details of their loved ones’ deaths. They highlighted discrepancies in the after-action reports and expressed their disappointment and anger at the lack of respect and transparency they have received.

Families of the fallen service members are demanding accountability and answers from the government. They emphasized the need to honor their loved ones’ sacrifices and ensure that the truth is revealed.

Many of these families believe that the administration prioritized optics and political messaging over the lives of their children and the integrity of their service. These Gold Star families have now gained a platform to voice their grievances and concerns, seeking recognition, accountability, and justice for their fallen heroes.

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