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Google Employees Fired for Protesting Company’s Israeli Government Contract

Google has recently terminated approximately 20 more employees who were involved in protests against the company’s cloud computing contract with the Israeli government. 

This action increases the total to over 50 dismissals connected to the demonstrations, as confirmed by the activist group No Tech for Apartheid.

The tech giant continued its disciplinary actions following an investigation into the sit-ins organized on April 16 at its offices in New York City and Sunnyvale, California. 

These firings followed a memo from CEO Sundar Pichai emphasizing the importance of not using the company as a personal platform for debating politics or disruptive issues.

Jane Chung, a spokesperson for No Tech for Apartheid, criticized Google’s latest move, arguing that the company is attempting to suppress dissent and reassert control over its employees.

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Credits: DepositPhotos

This group has been actively opposing Google’s and Amazon’s engagements with the Israeli government since 2021.

The recent protests are part of a broader wave of actions across the U.S. against governmental and corporate collaborations with the Israeli government and military. 

Notably, these protests have led to arrests at prestigious universities such as Yale and Columbia, triggering more demonstrations at various colleges nationwide. 

This surge of activism included blocking major traffic routes a day prior to the Google office sit-ins.

The conflict between Google’s management and the terminated employees continues to escalate. 

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Credit: Detroit, Michigan, USA – May 30, 2022: Google sign at the entrance of office building in Detroit, Michigan. Google LLC is world famous Information technology, e-commerce and advertising company. — Illustration by snehitdesign

Google claims that the fired individuals actively disrupted workplace operations. 

However, the affected employees counter this claim, stating that some of those dismissed were not even present in the office on the day of the protests.

Historically, Google was known for its open and collaborative work culture, encouraging employees to engage freely in company affairs and to question leadership decisions. 

This tradition of openness, according to Pichai, should focus on work-related discussions rather than political debates.

Pichai’s memo, which has been published online, states that their workplace fosters lively and transparent discussions, allowing them to produce exceptional products and turn brilliant ideas into reality. 

This series of firings marks a significant shift from Google’s past practices where the company was celebrated for its liberal and inclusive office environment. 

Now, with the increase in terminations linked to employee activism, Google faces critical scrutiny about its commitment to maintaining an open and engaging work culture.

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