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GOP Donors Pull Back; Fallout Continues After McCarthy’s Ousting

The fallout from ousting McCarthy lingers as GOP donors retract support.

Primary challengers emerge, targeting the eight House Republicans who made the unprecedented move.

Ex-Communication on Capitol Hill

Credits: Instagram | @speakermccarthy

Emotions remain raw within the GOP conference following McCarthy’s removal. Eight Republicans face repercussions, including being excluded from caucuses.

Primary Threats Emerge

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Serious primary challenges loom for Representatives Good and Mace. Their votes to remove McCarthy leave them vulnerable to opposition.

External Interference

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GOP outside spending groups gear up to influence the primary races. Donor reluctance affects campaign funding for the targeted representatives.

Quiet Ostracization

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Rep. Mace of South Carolina is quietly dropped from two center-right-leaning groups on Capitol Hill.

Frustration with Mace’s actions leading up to the McCarthy vote contributed to her removal.

Mace and Good’s Defiant Stance

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Mace and Rep. Bob Good of Virginia downplay threats and express no regret about their votes.

They emphasize their status as Washington outsiders, appealing to their GOP base.

Resistance from Within

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Good maintains support from his colleagues in the ultra-conservative House Freedom Caucus. However, his endorsement decisions continue to stir controversy.

Financial Fallout

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Some wealthy GOP donors withdrew support from Burchett following his vote. Despite this, Burchett remains optimistic about mending fences and securing reelection.

Unity Among the Gaetz Eight

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The lawmakers — who have become known as the “Gaetz Eight” have band together to support one another amidst backlashes.

They vow to help each other navigate their reelection campaigns.

Behind the Scenes Machinations

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McCarthy allies work to identify strong primary opponents for the Gaetz Eight.

Efforts to recruit challengers intensify, backed by McCarthy’s powerful resources.

Mixed Results in Recruitment

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Promising candidates emerge to challenge members of the Gaetz Eight.

However, recruitment efforts face challenges, particularly in finding opponents for certain members.

Defiance Despite Consequences

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Members of the Gaetz Eight remain steadfast despite facing repercussions.

They prioritize their principles over potential political consequences.

Johnson Extends Support 

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Speaker Johnson extends support to Gaetz Eight members in their reelection races.

GOP leadership aims to heal divisions within the conference while supporting incumbent members.

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Credits: Instagram | @speakermccarthy

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