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GOP Leaders Encounter Pushback on Bipartisan TAX Deal

Speaker Mike Johnson faces a tough decision on a bipartisan tax deal that could either bring a significant win for business or exacerbate divisions within the GOP.
The bill, aimed at reducing business taxes and expanding the child tax credit, has been met with resistance from both hard-line conservatives and Northeastern moderates in the party. 

The Political Dilemma

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A bipartisan tax bill proposing business tax reductions and child tax credit expansion has created a dilemma for Speaker Mike Johnson.
He faces opposition from within his party, forcing him to choose between bipartisan success and minimizing party turmoil.

GOP Factions in Opposition

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The bill faces resistance from two distinct GOP factions: hard-line conservatives and Northeastern moderates.
These groups’ opposition complicates the party’s ability to pass legislation, given its slim majority.

Frustration Over SALT Credit

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Northeastern moderates are frustrated that the bill does not include their priority of increasing the state and local tax (SALT) credit.
This exclusion has heightened tensions within the party.

Heated Discussion Among Republicans

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During a call with SALT Caucus members, tensions ran high, with “lots of yelling” directed mostly at Ways and Means Committee Chair Jason Smith.
Speaker Johnson attempted to mediate, with mixed success.

Fast-Tracking Amid Opposition

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Despite the discord, the bill is expected to be brought up under a fast-track process, with many SALT Caucus members poised to vote against it.

The Bill’s Political Risks

While Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and the White House have endorsed the bill, its Democratic support could pose a political risk for Republicans, particularly in an election year.

Limited Influence of Opposing Factions

The hard-liners and SALT Caucus Republicans may have limited power to halt the tax package.
The measure has already passed out of the House panel with strong support, suggesting broad backing within the party.

Smith’s Stance on SALT Cap

Jason Smith has been firm in his stance against raising the SALT cap, warning that such changes could sink the bill.

Democrats Eyeing Fast-Track Approval

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House Democrats expect the bill to be brought to a floor vote next week under a fast-track suspension process, anticipating bipartisan support for its passage.

GOP Leaders Weighing Options

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Republican leaders have not confirmed the fast-track schedule but are considering their options amidst the bill’s critical moment.

Conservative Frustrations Voiced

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Hard-line conservatives, like Rep. Chip Roy, have voiced strong criticisms of the bill, particularly regarding its provisions for corporations and the child tax credit.

Tax Bill’s Contentious Elements

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The bill’s expansion of the child tax credit, which includes eligibility for migrants in the country illegally, has drawn criticism from GOP members like Rep. Scott Perry.

Advocacy Groups’ Mixed Reactions

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Advocacy groups have offered mixed reactions, with some praising its tax cuts and others criticizing its expansion of welfare programs and child tax credit provisions.

The Bill’s Pro-Growth Claims

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The House Ways and Means committee touts the bill as having “pro-growth, pro-worker, pro-America tax provisions,” emphasizing its potential economic benefits.

The Challenge of Compromise

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The GOP’s internal divisions over government spending and policy issues highlight the challenge of reaching a compromise, with some Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene suggesting extreme measures like ousting Johnson from the Speakership.

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