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GOP report accuses DHS Secretary Mayorkas of aiding illegal immigration

Republicans on the House Homeland Security Committee have issued a scathing report accusing DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas of deliberate “dereliction of duty” in securing the nation’s borders.

The GOP interim report alleges that Mayorkas has actively encouraged and facilitated mass illegal immigration, disregarding his sworn oath to control and guard the borders. The investigation, initiated under Chair Mark Green (R-Tenn.), comes amid criticism of the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis.

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Report tags Mayorkas ‘chief architect’ of illegal immigration crisis

The report points to Mayorkas as the “chief architect” of the illegal immigration crisis that began when President Joe Biden assumed office in 2021.

It raises questions about whether the crisis was intentionally sparked by his extreme and irresponsible policies or due to negligence in his duties.

The committee concluded that Mayorkas’s alleged dereliction of duty was intentional, as his actions and policies did not align with laws passed by Congress, which should serve the best interests of the American people.

Concerns raised over Mayorkas’ actions on humanitarian parole

One of the main concerns highlighted in the report is the misuse of humanitarian parole, accusing Mayorkas of expanding its use beyond the law’s defined scope.

The report questions the proper application of this process and accuses Mayorkas of granting parole to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, using it inconsistently to relieve overcrowded Border Patrol facilities.

Report raises concerns over Mayorkas’ policy cancellations

The report also raises concerns about Mayorkas’s alleged disregard for court orders, mainly related to the reinstatement of Trump-era policies and requirements for detaining illegal immigrants.

It criticizes canceling effective policies, such as border wall construction, Title 42, and the Migrant Protection Protocols.

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Mayorkas accused of favoring illegal immigrants

Photo Credit: @alimayorkas on intagram

On the other hand, the report accuses Mayorkas of implementing measures that favor illegal immigrants, including restrictive guidance to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and historically low targets for removing illegal aliens.

This alleged favoritism raises concerns about border security and immigration enforcement.

The Biden administration has attributed the drop in border arrivals to new measures replacing Title 42 in May.

DHS spokesperson responds to immigration policy, Mayorkas’ role

The policy involved a significant expansion of parole to facilitate lawful immigration pathways, combined with an asylum rule limiting migrants from claiming asylum if they enter illegally and fail to do so in a country they previously passed through.

In response to the report, a DHS spokesperson stated that Mayorkas is proud to have contributed to the department’s “noble mission” and support its workforce.

The spokesperson emphasized the department’s commitment to enforcing laws, securing borders, protecting against terrorism, improving cybersecurity, and building a safe, orderly, and humane immigration system.

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GOP continues Mayorkas investigation amid border security debate

The interim report is not the end of the GOP’s scrutiny of Mayorkas, as the investigation will continue into a new phase. Additionally, Mayorkas is expected to face questioning at a House Judiciary Committee hearing next week.

The ongoing debate surrounding border security and immigration enforcement remains a pressing issue for the Biden administration, with Republicans voicing concerns about potential breaches in national security and adherence to the law.

As the investigation continues, Congress must carefully assess the evidence and consider appropriate actions to address the complex challenges at the nation’s borders.


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