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GOP Representative Asked to Apologize Following State of the Union Outburst

During the State of the Union address, Republican Rep. Derrick Van Orden’s outburst in response to Biden’s criticism of his predecessor created an uproar.

Now, his Democrat colleague from Wisconsin, Rep. Mark Pocan, wants him to apologize for the incident.

Pocan criticized Van Orden’s behavior, expressing concerns about his behavior in Congress.

Van Orden’s Outburst & Biden’s Criticism

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As Biden called out the way the COVID-19 pandemic was handled by former President Trump, Van Orden shouted, “Lies!”

Pocan’s Criticism & Embarrassment

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Pocan condemned Van Orden’s behavior in a statement the next day, making it clear that it was an embarrassment to Congress and the state of Wisconsin.

He called for accountability.

Unnecessary Outbursts

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In his press release, Pocan was clear: “It’s one thing to be a Trump fanatic; it’s another when you’re a member of Congress. This constant pattern of unnecessary outbursts, whether it’s teen pages in the Capitol Rotunda or administration officials at a classified briefing, has many of us worried about his temperament and perhaps his soberness.”

Van Orden’s Response and Ambiguity

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When reporters questioned him after the State of the Union address, Orden would not address his involvement in the outburst.

Orden’s Later Response

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He later released a critical statement on social media, highlighting perceived shortcomings in Biden’s address.

He called out the Biden administration on various issues, including the immigration crisis, foreign affairs, and government spending. 

Statement on X

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Orden’s statement read, “Tonight’s address lacked honesty and transparency, but the American people know their paychecks do not go as far as they once did, and their communities are less safe than they were three years ago.”

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