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GOP Senator Criticizes U.S.-China Climate Deal, Compares it to Ceasefire Rejection

In a recent interview on the Fox Business Network’s “Kudlow,” Senator Kevin Cramer of North Dakota expressed his concerns about the climate deal between the United States and China. He argued that China’s history of not following its commitments makes it unlikely that they will adhere to this agreement, regardless of the actions taken by the United States to reduce emissions.

Cramer drew a parallel between this situation and the demands for Israel to agree to a ceasefire with the expectation that Hamas would also comply, which the Biden administration has rejected.

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Cramer emphasized that the announced climate deal lacks any real enforcement mechanisms and would have no significant impact. He further highlighted that even if there were binding terms, the Chinese Communist Party has a track record of not fulfilling its obligations. In his view, any agreement with China cannot be trustworthy or effective.

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The senator also urged the United States to acknowledge its own achievements in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. He pointed out that over the past decade, the United States has made greater progress in this area compared to the combined efforts of the eight countries following. Cramer stressed that the United States now emits less than a third of China’s emissions, as China remains the top emitter globally.

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Cramer concluded his remarks by questioning the rationale behind expecting China to clean up its act solely because the United States shows willingness to do so. He used the analogy of Israel asking Hamas for a ceasefire, where Israel would lay down its arms and expect Hamas to reciprocate, an unlikely scenario. He emphasized that such expectations are unrealistic in both cases, as China’s actions in environmental matters are unlikely to align with the United States’ objectives.

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In summary, Senator Cramer expressed his doubts about the efficacy of the U.S.-China climate deal, citing China’s lack of commitment and the absence of enforceable provisions. He also emphasized the need to recognize the United States’ own emission reduction efforts, as well as the challenges of expecting China to follow suit without concrete measures in place.

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