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GOP’s Transgender Tango: DeSantis Discusses Trump’s Changing Views

In a candid interview, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis delves into the past stance of former President Donald Trump on transgender rights. From Trump’s support for men in women’s competitions to his opposition to bathroom and locker room protections, DeSantis raises important points about their differing views.

This sheds light on the evolving nature of the discussion within the Republican party and emphasizes the importance of protecting women, privacy, and safety while addressing the complex dynamics surrounding transgender rights.

DeSantis Criticizes Trump’s Stance on Transgender Rights

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Republican Governor Ron DeSantis discusses former President Donald Trump’s past stance on transgender rights.

Trump’s Support for Men in Women’s Competitions

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DeSantis references Trump’s involvement in beauty pageants and his early support for allowing men to participate in women’s competitions.

Trump’s Opposition to Bathroom and Locker Room Protections

DeSantis points out that Trump opposed measures protecting locker rooms and bathrooms, specifically mentioning North Carolina’s legislation.

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Republican Voters’ Differing Stance on Transgender Rights

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DeSantis emphasizes that the current stance of GOP voters is different from Trump’s previous positions on transgender rights.

Protecting Women and Girls’ Rights

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DeSantis states that GOP voters believe in protecting women and girls’ rights to compete with integrity.

Safeguarding Privacy and Safety

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DeSantis highlights the importance of safeguarding the privacy and safety of bathrooms and locker rooms.

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Uncertainty about Trump’s Evolving Views

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DeSantis remains unsure if Trump’s views on transgender rights have evolved over time.

Trump’s Role in Shaping the Discussion

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DeSantis acknowledges Trump’s significant role in making transgender rights a prominent cultural and national issue.

Differing Perspectives within the Republican Party

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This interview offers insights into the differing perspectives on transgender rights within the Republican party.

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The Evolving Nature of the Discussion

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DeSantis’ interview highlights the evolving nature of the discussion on transgender rights in the political landscape.

Protecting Women, Privacy, and Safety

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The discussion on transgender rights in the Republican party centers around protecting women, privacy, and safety.


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DeSantis’ comments reveal the ongoing conversation about transgender rights and the complex dynamics within the GOP.

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More from The Stock Dork – Hawaii Department of Health Trains Therapists to Conceal Conversations with LGBT Youth from Parents

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A presentation delivered to staff and graduate students at the University of Hawaii Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy by employees of the Hawaii Department of Health has caused controversy. Titled “Affirming practice with LGBTQ+ youth,” the training urges therapists not to document their conversations with LGBTQ+ youth to keep parents unaware of their child’s sexual identity.

American Federation of Teachers’ Conference Focuses on LGBTQ Education and Social Justice

Credits: DepositPhotos

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) recently held its “Together Educating America’s Children” conference in Washington, D.C., where educators and activists convened to discuss various issues related to education and social justice.

The conference schedule revealed a strong emphasis on LGBTQ education and promoting a woke social justice agenda in schools.

California Governor Gavin Newsom Proposes Fines for School Districts Resisting LGBTQIA2S Curriculum

Credits: DepositPhotos

Governor Gavin Newsom of California, known for criticizing conservative states over their exclusion of LGBTQ curricula, has now set his sights on local school districts within his own state. Newsom is backing a bill, AB 1078, introduced by Assemblymember Corey Jackson, which would grant the state the power to intervene in districts and impose fines if their curricula lack materials on ethnic groups and “LGBTQ+ Americans.”

University of Michigan Study Shows Gender Differences in Political Ideology

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A recent study by the University of Michigan reveals interesting trends in the political ideologies of high school seniors. According to the “Monitoring the Future” survey, twelfth-grade boys are leaning more conservative, with nearly twice as many identifying as conservative compared to liberal.

Transgender Individual Seeks Euthanasia in Canada After Painful Surgery

Credits: DepositPhotos

Lois Cardinal, a self-identified “sterilized First Nations post-op transsexual” in Canada, has made a request for medical assistance in dying (MAiD) following a surgery in 2009 to create a “neo-vagina.” Cardinal expresses immense regret over the operation, as it has resulted in constant discomfort and pain.

The surgery often leaves patients with an open wound that requires daily dilation to prevent closure.


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