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Gov. Kristi Noem Clashes with CNN’s Dana Bash on Border Security Deal

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem engaged in a spirited debate with CNN anchor Dana Bash on Sunday, focusing on Senate negotiations concerning border security and immigration policy.

Biden Doesn’t Need More Legislation To Handle Border Issues

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Noem told Dana, “The senators are really good at spinning a story to make themselves look good.

What I would say is that I always look for someone who’s willing to take action and President Biden has all the authority he needs to take action today,” on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Governor Noem’s Perspective

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Gov. Noem emphasized that President Biden has the necessary authority to take immediate action on border security and does not require additional legislative measures.

Bash’s Counterargument

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Dana Bash countered by suggesting that the federal government should work towards improving asylum and detention processes, characterizing the current situation as a “mess” in need of solutions.

Noem’s Call for Action

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Governor Noem called on President Biden to make a public announcement about policy changes.

He said “I think that he would have the ability to fix that broken immigration policy if the president could show that he was acting in good faith.

Make an announcement that you’re changing your policies, you’re reallocating resources and going to start protecting the United States of America.”

Republicans Would Respond

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“And you’d have Republicans coming down to the White House asking that to be partners on fixing our immigration policies.

Instead, what we’ve got is this partisan bickering back and forth and no solutions while people invade our country,” the governor continued.

Biden’s Negotiations

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Dana Bash mentioned President Biden’s ongoing negotiations, highlighting his efforts to address border and immigration issues.

Noem’s Claim of Insufficiency

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Governor Noem maintained her position that President Biden’s actions were insufficient and called for more robust measures.

Agreement with Trump

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During the interview, Governor Noem revealed her agreement with former President Trump, labeling the border deal as “terrible.”

Criticism of The Bill

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She expressed doubts about Congress’s ability to pass meaningful legislation and criticized the bill for potentially codifying illegal immigration.

Trump’s Criticism

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Former President Trump has recently voiced strong criticism of the potential border deal, indicating his willingness to accept blame if it fails in Congress.

He described the deal as a “catastrophe waiting to happen” in social media posts over the weekend.

Ongoing Discourse

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The debate between Governor Noem and Dana Bash highlights the ongoing discourse surrounding border security and immigration policy in the United States.

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