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Governor Abbott Explains Texas Border Policies, Avoiding Lethal Force

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has discussed the state’s approach to border security, highlighting that the only tool they are not using to deter migrants is lethal force, as they fear murder charges from the Biden administration.

Texas’ Comprehensive Border Strategy

Thousands of migrants from Latin America wait at the southern border of the United States for Title 42 to end, the Texas Governor ordered the Texas National Guard to maintain surveillance on the border to prevent the massive entry of migrants — Photo by Laflota

Governor Abbott outlined Texas’s various measures to address border security, emphasizing its commitment to curbing illegal immigration.

He said, “We are using every tool that can be used from building a border wall, to building these border barriers, to passing this law that I signed that led to another lawsuit by the Biden administration where I signed a law making it illegal for somebody to enter Texas from another country.”

Exclusion of Lethal Force

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Abbott clarified that the state has refrained from using lethal force to prevent border crossings.

“The only thing that we’re not doing is we’re not shooting people who come across the border because, of course, the Biden administration would charge us with murder,” he said.

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Texas Democratic Party’s Response

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Gilberto Hinojosa, Chair of the Texas Democratic Party, strongly criticized Abbott’s comments.

Lacking Morality and Humanity

Central American migrants detained by border patrol after they irregularly crossed the border to seek humanitarian asylum in the United States — Photo by Laflota

He suggested that the threat of murder charges is the only thing preventing him from ordering law enforcement to use lethal force against migrant women and children. Hinojosa accused Abbott and Texas Republicans of lacking morality and humanity.

Texas’ Aggressive Border Policies

Credit: DepositPhotos

Under Abbott’s leadership, Texas has pursued a robust approach to border security, with the governor often criticizing the federal government’s efforts in controlling the border. The state has deployed razor wire barriers along its border, a move that has faced legal challenges.

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Rationale Behind Razor Wire

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Abbott defended the decision to use razor wire, asserting that it effectively deterred and repelled migrants from entering Texas. He claimed that this effectiveness led President Biden to order Border Patrol to remove or lift the razor wire.

Ongoing Disputes with the Biden Administration

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The Biden administration has clashed with Texas over its immigration policies, arguing that immigration enforcement is primarily a federal responsibility.

Texas Law Granting Texas Police To Arrest Migrants

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Abbott recently signed a bill granting Texas law enforcement officers the authority to arrest migrants entering the U.S. illegally and allowing local judges to order their removal from the country.

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Legal Actions by the Justice Department

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In response to Texas’s immigration measures, the Justice Department filed a lawsuit against the state, warning against enforcing the new law. This legal dispute reflects the ongoing tension between Texas and the federal government over immigration policy.

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