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Governor Abbott Is Adding More “Razor Wire, Anti-Climb Barriers” As Border Bill Fails

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is doubling down on efforts to bolster border security as Congress remains deadlocked over a comprehensive federal immigration overhaul.

With bipartisan negotiations failing to yield results, Abbott is spearheading initiatives to reinforce southern border defenses in collaboration with state and local authorities.

Governor Abbott’s Address at Eagle Pass

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Speaking at Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, Governor Abbott emphasized the importance of teamwork in curbing illegal border crossings.

Adding Measures

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He announced plans to enhance existing border operations by deploying additional personnel and fortifying infrastructure, including razor wire and anti-climb barriers, with the support of the Texas National Guard.

Support from Fellow Governors

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Joining Abbott in his border security efforts, Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry pledged to dispatch National Guard troops to assist Texas, allocating an estimated $3 million in state funds for the deployment.

Alaskan Support

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Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy has also signaled support for Texas’ border initiatives, potentially deploying troops at a cost of $1 million per month.

Legal Challenges and Federal Opposition

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Abbott reiterated his readiness to confront legal challenges from the Biden administration, emphasizing Texas’ commitment to enforcing federal immigration laws.

Abbott Willing to Extend Standoff

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Despite recent legal setbacks, including a Supreme Court ruling against Texas’ placement of razor wire, Abbott remains steadfast in his determination to uphold border security measures.

Abbott’s Critique of the Biden Administration

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In his remarks, Governor Abbott criticized the Biden administration’s handling of border security, arguing that existing laws provide sufficient authority to address illegal immigration.

He underscored Texas’ role in preventing further violations of federal law on state-owned land along the border, highlighting the need for decisive action to curb unlawful entry into the country.

Decrease in Migrant Encounters

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Abbott highlighted significant progress in reducing migrant encounters at key border locations, citing a sharp decline in daily averages from thousands to single digits.

He credited enhanced security measures and collaborative efforts with law enforcement agencies for the notable decrease in illegal crossings, particularly in areas like Shelby Park.

Security Briefing with Texas House of Representatives

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Prior to his public address, Governor Abbott convened a security briefing with members of the Texas House of Representatives.

Ongoing Collaboration with the National Guard

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Joined by state officials and border security experts, including Texas DPS Deputy Director Freeman Martin and Major General Thomas Suelzer, Abbott discussed recent law enforcement activities and emphasized the importance of ongoing collaboration in tackling border challenges.

Law Enforcement Achievements

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During the briefing, Abbott highlighted law enforcement achievements, including the arrest of over 39,000 illegal immigrants and the seizure of millions of lethal doses of fentanyl.

These efforts underscore Texas’ proactive stance in combating transnational crime and safeguarding communities along the southern border.

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