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Governor DeSantis Questions Fitness of Trump and Biden for Presidency

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis raised concerns about the age of former President Donald Trump, 77, and President Joe Biden, who turns 81 on Monday, stating that the presidency is not a job for individuals in their 80s.

Compared to them, DeSantis, who is 45, argued that he is in the prime of his life. He further remarked that Trump would be older than Biden was at the beginning of his term if he were to assume office in 2025.

The issue of age has become a prominent theme in the 2024 presidential race. Trump has been making fun of Biden and questioning his mental fitness for office during his campaign speeches, despite experiencing his own verbal gaffes and slips.

DeSantis’s campaign has capitalized on this, recently launching an “accident tracker” that highlights instances of Trump’s apparent verbal blunders, such as mistakenly confusing Biden with former President Barack Obama.

Apart from age, DeSantis also suggested that these slip-ups indicate that Trump is not the same person he was when he first ran for president. When asked about Trump’s mental acuity and his ability to defeat Biden in a general election, DeSantis expressed confidence in his candidacy, stating that he wouldn’t run if he believed the Democrats could defeat Trump.

He also predicted that if Trump secures the GOP nomination, he would face a harsher opposition, with Democrats unveiling damaging information from his past.

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One voter from Iowa supported DeSantis’s comments, expressing appreciation for his focus on becoming a two-term president and raising concerns about Trump’s uncertainty. Despite previously voting for Trump, the voter acknowledged the need for change and highlighted the importance of stability in a candidate.

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DeSantis, who has been experiencing a decline in poll numbers, has maintained an active campaign schedule, attending eight public events over the past two days.

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In contrast to Biden and Trump, he often appears alongside his wife and three young children during campaign events. He emphasized his determination to serve two terms and deliver significant results, which he believes is what Republican voters desire.

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