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Greg Gutfel Calls DEI “Illogical And Un-American” As Harvard Scrambles To Protect Its Image Shattered By Plagiarism Accusations

In the latest episode of “Red Eye,” Fox News’ irreverent talk show host Greg Gutfeld delved into the allegations of plagiarism surrounding Sherri Ann Charleston, Harvard University’s Chief Diversity Officer, and the broader implications of this controversy for academic integrity and diversity initiatives.

Plagiarism Accusations Emerge

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Greg talked about how the academic world was buzzing with accusations of plagiarism against Sherri Ann Charleston, Harvard’s Chief Diversity Officer.

These allegations involve her PhD dissertation and a single academic paper, raising concerns about academic integrity.

Lack Of Original Work

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Sherri Ann Charleston is accused of plagiarizing content in her academic pursuits.

Notably, her sole publication is said to have been borrowed from her husband’s research, which dates back to 2012.

Harvard’s Ongoing Plagiarism Scandals

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Charleston’s plagiarism accusations come close on the heels of Harvard President Claudine Gay’s resignation due to similar allegations.

The university appears to be grappling with a wave of plagiarism scandals, tarnishing its reputation.

Harvard’s Academic #MeToo Movement

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Greg suggested that the situation at Harvard resembles an academic version of the #MeToo movement  Humorously, he added, “Suddenly, a suppressed truth is being dragged kicking and screaming into the light. Call it a reckoning, and it’s wrecking academia.”

The Troubling Trend Of Plagiarism

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The allegations against Charleston and Gay shed light on a growing trend of plagiarism in academia, which is causing significant concerns about the integrity of research and scholarship.

Questionable Hiring Practices

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Greg put Harvard’s rapid hiring of Claudine Gay through some thorough scrutiny.

He explained how “Harvard wasted no time in hiring Charleston to be its first chief diversity enforcer, who then served on the committee that picked Claudia Gay to take over as the school’s new president. Perhaps as plagiarists, they knew they could copy off each other.”

They Already Knew Who To Hire

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Continuing in the same vein, he added, how, according to Harvard’s own school paper, the new president was chosen after the shortest search in 70 years.

“It’s almost as if they already knew what to hire and just worked backwards.”

And That’s How We Got Claudine

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Greg concluded that “as you’d expect, when you don’t vet a candidate’s academic achievements, you get Claudine Gay, whose academic record turned out to be as spotty as Hunter’s [expletive deleted].”

Threats Of Legal Action

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In response to media reports on these allegations, Harvard reportedly threatened to sue the New York Post for substantial damages.

Greg satirically added, “How could this happen? They cried Claudine gay was the perfect diversity hire, she couldn’t have done anything wrong because she didn’t do anything period.“

The Dark Side Of DEI

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He implied how Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives have become central in academia, but they are not immune to corruption and misconduct, as evidenced by these allegations.

He added how DEI programs, when misused, can enable individuals to wield power unjustly, by giving “mediocre people authority to be bigots and the power to protect themselves from the laws that they push on others. “

Impact On Institutional Faith

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He explained how these scandals contribute to a growing loss of faith in institutions, which are perceived as crumbling under the weight of misconduct.

Greg said “As progressives push DEI into all aspects of American life. It’s no wonder we’re losing faith in our institutions, which are crumbling faster than a city run by a Democrat mayor. “

DEI And Meritocracy

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Greg went on to talk about how while striving for diversity and inclusivity is important, it should not come at the expense of meritocracy.

He said, “if you narrow the field to a select identity, which is racist, by the way, you make it harder to find a competent person because everyone else is doing the same thing. They’re all fishing from the same small pond. Pretty soon, all you have left are worms, frauds, and cars driven by a Kennedy.”

Harvard’s Research Integrity Compromised

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He talked about how Harvard is not only facing allegations of plagiarism but is also dealing with a situation where four of its top researchers are accused of falsifying data in numerous research papers.

These issues cast a shadow over the institution’s research integrity.

The Need For A Return To Meritocracy

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He concluded by giving a call to return to meritocracy.

e said, “Fact is, if this country is going to have a future in an increasingly competitive and dangerous world, it needs to recover the meritocracy that built the place to begin with. And that includes talented minorities and they exist even if the left wants you to think they don’t.”

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