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Greg Gutfeld Cinnabon Workers in LA Go on Strike Over Political Policy

Cinnabon Workers in LA Go on Strike Over Political Policy

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A Cinnabon store in Los Angeles is facing a strike and a civil rights complaint after the owner implemented a policy prohibiting political statements.

This includes the display of Pride Flags.

Rainbow Pins Questioned by Cinnabon Workers

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Workers questioned whether it was acceptable to wear a rainbow pin after the owner’s policy.

The response was that nonspecific pins were allowed, but pins related to sports teams or groups were not allowed.

Greg Gutfeld’s Perspective on Cinnabon Strike

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Greg Gutfeld, discussing the situation, expressed his support for stores flying rainbow flags or any other flags.

However, he emphasized the importance of focusing on getting orders right instead of turning the bakery into a political platform.

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Accusations of Homophobia without Discrimination in Hiring

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The owner, who employs openly gay workers, is being accused of homophobia, despite not showing any discrimination in his hiring practices.

Gutfeld pointed out this contradiction.

Gutfeld’s Humorous Philosophical Lesson

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Gutfeld humorously drew a philosophical lesson from the incident, suggesting that the secret to life lies in making choices that benefit one’s future self.

He questioned the idea of office spaces being a place for self-actualization.

Unions and Button-Wearing

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The author pointed out that unions were not created to fight for the right to wear buttons or pins.

Claims of potential danger in the workplace were also criticized, especially in a Cinnabon store.

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Gutfeld’s Criticism of Left’s Idea of Safety

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Gutfeld criticized the left’s perversion of the idea of safety and noted that most people simply visit establishments like Cinnabon for a sugar fix, not a lecture on personal ideologies.

Customers Seek Efficient Service, Not Personal Details

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Customers do not seek personal details about the employees but rather efficient service.

The focus should be on individual efforts and achievements, according to Gutfeld.

Importance of Getting Orders Right

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Gutfeld reiterates the importance of getting orders right in a bakery instead of focusing on displaying political or personal statements.

Success comes from individual efforts and achievements.

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Strike and Civil Rights Complaint

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A strike and civil rights complaint was triggered in the Cinnabon store due to the owner’s policy on political statements.

The display of Pride Flags was prohibited.

The Owner’s Employment Practices

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The owner is accused of homophobia despite employing openly gay workers and not showing discrimination in hiring practices.

Gutfeld points out this contradictory accusation.

True Success and Individual Efforts

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Gutfeld concludes by suggesting that true success does not come from wearing a button, but rather from individual efforts and achievements.

The focus should be on the job at hand.

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