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Growing Number of GOP Candidates Pledge to Disavow COVID-19 Vaccine and Big Pharma

Influence of Pharmaceutical Companies on Politics

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The controversy surrounding COVID-19 vaccines and the influence of pharmaceutical companies on politics gains momentum as 26 GOP candidates and officials from 11 states publicly pledge to disavow the vaccine and reject campaign donations from pharmaceutical interests. This issue continues to be a pressing issue for candidates.

Dr. Mary Talley Bowden’s Call to Action

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Dr. Mary Talley Bowden, a Texas practitioner and founder of the Coalition of Health Freedom, uses her platform on X to call on candidates nationwide to clarify their stance on removing COVID-19 vaccines from the market. The movement gains traction as candidates respond.

Candidates Publicly Signing On

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The movement, initiated by Dr. Bowden, sees 26 candidates and elected officials across 11 states publicly signing on to the pledge. This emphasizes their position that COVID-19 vaccine shots must be withdrawn from the market.

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David Lowe’s Perspective

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David Lowe, a combat veteran running in the Texas Republican Primary, shares his perspective, asserting that inaccurate data and flawed information led to a significant medical blunder. He highlights the need for change and emphasizes the impact on lives.

John Perez’s Commitment

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John Perez, running in the GOP primary for the House District 133 seat in Texas, pledges not to accept donations from Big Pharma PACs or companies. He attributes the issue to individual choice, freedom, and the undue influence of pharmaceutical companies.

Public Opinion

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A poll on Dr. Bowden’s social media account reveals that over 94 percent of respondents would be “more likely” to support a candidate not accepting money from pharmaceutical companies. This public sentiment underscores the relevance of the issue.

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Movement Spreading Across States

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Candidates in New Hampshire, Kentucky, and Florida join the movement, with Dr. Bowden anticipating more participants as the message gains momentum on social media. The call to action aims to expose politicians’ true interests.

Safety Concerns and Hypocrisy

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Dr. Bowden questions the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine by highlighting that many politicians are no longer taking the shot or giving it to their children. She challenges the perceived hypocrisy and expresses concerns about the vaccine’s safety.

Adverse Events and Controversy

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The past two years have seen COVID-19 vaccines embroiled in controversy. Reports of negative health outcomes, more than 1.5 million adverse event reports, and concerns over vaccine effectiveness have contributed to the ongoing debate.

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GOP Voters’ Growing Concerns

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Candidates like David Lowe emphasize that GOP voters have diverse concerns, including crime, the border, and inflation. However, the growing concern about vaccines and pharmaceutical influence remains significant for conservative constituents.

Acknowledging the Issue

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Mr. Lowe calls for acknowledging the issue surrounding vaccines and pharmaceutical influence on politics, stressing the long-term impact on the country. He emphasizes the need for every political candidate to take the pledge.

Rejections Reflects Complexities

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The rising number of GOP candidates disavowing COVID-19 vaccines and rejecting pharmaceutical donations reflects the complex interplay between health, politics, and public sentiment. As the movement gains ground, it underscores the enduring impact of the pandemic on political discourse and decision-making.

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