How Much Money Do You Need To Become Filthy Rich From The Stock Market?

Believe it or not

you don’t need much money to make a fortune from the stock market. For example, if you invested $4,000 in Nvidia Corporation when it became a publicly-traded company it would be worth more than $600,000 today.

That’s a return of more than 15,000%.

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You see, you don’t need to be actively trading in the stock market to become rich.

You just need to find compelling growth stocks on the verge of a breakthrough.

Here's the thing, many investors fail in the stock market because they believe fortunes happen overnight.

However, that's not true.

Fortunes are made by those traders who are able to hold on to winners and let them ride.

Legendary investor Warren Buffett once said:

If you don’t feel comfortable owning a stock for 10 years, you shouldn’t own it for 10 minutes.

Warren's favorite holding period for a stock is forever!

It's not your fault; we've all been sold on the idea that easy money in the stock market comes from day trading stocks. The financial institutions and hedge funds want you to believe that, because to them, you're easy money.

Let's face it, not only are they faster, but they also have access to the best research, analytics, and computer algorithms that money can buy.

Besides, who has time to stare at a computer screen all day, and deal with the emotional rollercoaster ride of short-term trading. Managing a job and relationships can be stressful enough, no reason to add the stress of day trading to your life.

Imagine scooping up shares of Netflix on its IPO day. A $4,000 investment would be worth more than $1M today.

the stock dork
The world's best investors are always on the hunt for growth stocks that can bring back triple and sometimes quadruple-digit returns. Moreover, when they find one, they hold on to it for dear life.

Back in 2012, Wall Street was taken by surprise when legendary investor Carl Icahn took a 10% stake in Netflix.

At the time, the company was struggling with its DVD rental business and dealing with ongoing competition in streaming services.

When it was all said and done, he banked about $2B in profits.

The crazy thing about the story, Icahn initially got into the stock because he thought a larger media company would acquire it. However, that never happened, but you can't argue with the results.

It’s Possible to Make Money In The Stock Market, But You Can’t Follow The Crowd

You could go out and read EVERY book ever written about the stock market and spend HOURS watching guru videos online, and listening to the talking heads on CNBC, in hopes of finding the secret to long term success in the stock market.
Let us roll up our sleeves and do the hard work for you.

Imagine having a real Stock Dork at your disposal, feeding you stock ideas that have substantial growth potential. Each week we'll deliver you a growth stock that has the potential to triple or better.

No… these are not stocks like Ford or IBM. Instead, our focus is on stocks that haven't caught the attention of Wall Street analysts.

Buy and Hold Works!

the stock dork
If you invested $5,000 in Amazon in 1997, it would be worth more than $4.5M today!

Are these type of returns abnormal?

Absolutely…but that doesn't mean the opportunity isn't out there. However, here is the thing, by the time you hear about these stocks on TV or read about them online it's probably too late. You see, Wall Street analysts don't like to stick their necks out too much…they want to play it safe.

It’s too risky for them to recommend up-and-coming companies that are relatively unknown.

Instead, they focus on the same tired old names…there is a reason why most funds on the Street have a hard time beating their benchmarks.

It’s time to stop playing their game… It’s time to think more strategically…. It's time to start thinking about building real wealth.

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We'll handpick a growth stock that not only has the potential to rise today but also for the coming years.

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To us, the storyline is just as important as the fundamentals… we'll do our best to find you the most intriguing ones.


You’ll receive an unbiased opinion; we sift through SEC filings, institutional research, and other professional publications to level the playing field and deliver you the goods.


We've studied the most significant movers in the market, and have pinpointed specific attributes that we use to find the next big winner.


There are tens of thousands of securities in the stock market… we'll save you time and money by finding the most undiscovered gems. Allowing you to spend more time with your loved ones.

We do all of this work and deliver a profile every single week on a growth stock that could make YOU a fortune one day
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Some people will tell you that buy and hold is dead. However, the world’s most important investors make billions following the strategy.

Moreover, if it's good enough for them, why is not good enough for you?

We've got a hungry and dedicated team searching to find you the next big growth stock before it becomes mainstream.

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