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Gun Group Advises Gun Owners to Consider Leaving Massachusetts Following Proposed Gun Control Bill

The National Association for Gun Rights is warning firearm owners in Massachusetts to avoid travel to the state and consider moving away due to a new gun control bill that is currently being considered in the state legislature.

Proposed Changes in Massachusetts Gun Laws

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The 140-page omnibus bill, known as House Docket 4420, includes sweeping changes to Massachusetts gun laws. It mandates the registration of all firearms and feeding devices, bans individuals under 21 from purchasing or carrying semi-automatic shotguns or rifles, restricts concealed carry on private property, and introduces several other provisions.

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Concerns Raised by the National Association for Gun Rights

Austin Hein, the director of political operations for the National Association for Gun Rights, argues that the bill would essentially repeal the Second Amendment as it is known. He advises gun owners to leave Massachusetts if the bill becomes law, describing it as the most anti-gun legislation he has encountered in his career.

Criticism of Specific Provisions

Hein criticizes various aspects of the bill, including the requirement for firearm and magazine registration, the ban on shooting at human silhouettes at shooting clubs, and the provision allowing law enforcement to demand permit verification without cause, which he likens to a stop and frisk policy.

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Expansion of the “Red Flag Law”

The proposed bill expands Massachusetts’ “red flag law” by granting employers, school administrators, and medical professionals the authority to request the suspension of a firearm license for individuals who may pose a risk to themselves or others.

Supporters’ Arguments and Response

Supporters of the bill argue that it is necessary to address acts of violence and respond to the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision on the right to carry weapons in public. Massachusetts House Speaker Ronald J. Mariano hopes that the legislation will serve as a model for other states and the federal government.

The National Association for Gun Rights’ Stance

The National Association for Gun Rights views the bill as an infringement on gun rights and a challenge to the legitimacy of the Supreme Court and the Constitution. They urge the defeat of House Docket 4420, emphasizing concerns about its potential impact on public safety and Second Amendment rights.


The proposed gun control bill in Massachusetts has sparked controversy, with differing opinions on its potential impact. While supporters argue that it is necessary for public safety, opponents, such as the National Association for Gun Rights, view it as a significant infringement on gun rights and urge gun owners to consider leaving the state if the bill becomes law. The outcome of the legislation remains to be seen as debates on its merits continue.

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