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Hamas Tactics: Child Hostages Reportedly Branded on Motorcycle Pipes 

According to a recent report in the Israeli media, Hamas terrorists resorted to branding some Israeli child hostages to prevent them from escaping. The report states that the captors forced the legs of two brothers, Or (16) and Yagil (12), against the exhaust pipes of motorcycles, causing intentional burns.

Credits: DepositPhotos

The purpose behind this cruel act was to ensure that the children could be easily recognized if they attempted to run away. Or Vigil’s uncle, Yaniv, revealed this shocking information during a meeting with foreign ministers in Europe.

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He further disclosed that the children were subjected to drug administration and were repeatedly moved from one location to another. Yaniv emphasized, “We got the children back…and they told us stories about what they experienced in Gaza, horrific stories.”

Credits: DepositPhotos

One example that particularly shocked him was the branding technique employed by Hamas. He explained, “Every child taken by Hamas was taken on a motorcycle, and they took each of the children’s leg and put it on the exhaust pipe, which caused a burn, for the purpose of marking the children, in case they ran away or escaped.”

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The revelations continue to expose the extent of abuse and torture inflicted by Hamas, even on young prisoners, as the uncovered motorcycle pipes can reach temperatures of up to 250 degrees Celsius.

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