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Heartbroken And Seeking Answers: Man Devastated By Girlfriend’s Ghosting Begs For Relationship Advice

In a heart-wrenching tale of love gone cold, a 27-year-old man took to Reddit’s r/relationships to seek advice and understanding after being severely hurt by his girlfriend’s sudden disappearance, commonly referred to as “ghosting.”

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The individual, who remains anonymous on the platform, explains that he and his girlfriend had been together for two years and had developed what he believed to be a solid and loving relationship. However, everything changed when his girlfriend abruptly cut off all contact with him, leaving him feeling confused and emotionally devastated.

Details of the Ghosting

The heartbroken man explains that his girlfriend had expressed some doubts about their relationship prior to her sudden disappearance. Nevertheless, he thought they were working through their issues. However, one day, she simply stopped responding to phone calls, texts, and emails, leaving the man in a state of shock and despair.

Feelings of Rejection and Confusion

The anonymous author describes feeling an overwhelming sense of rejection and confusion. He wonders why his girlfriend chose to handle their problems by shutting him out completely, without any explanation or closure. He questions whether he did something wrong and contemplates his worth as a partner.

Seeking Advice and Support

Turning to the Reddit community for guidance, the man expresses his desire to understand his girlfriend’s actions and wonders if it is possible to salvage their relationship. He is torn between confronting her about the ghosting or giving her space in hopes that she will eventually reach out.

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Community Responds

The r/relationships community empathizes with the man’s pain, offering their insights and experiences. They highlight that ghosting someone is a cowardly and inconsiderate behavior that can deeply harm the person being ghosted. Many advise the devastated man to accept his girlfriend’s actions as a clear sign that the relationship has run its course and urge him to focus on healing and moving on.

Therapy and Self-Reflection

Several Redditors encourage the author to seek therapy to overcome the emotional trauma caused by the abrupt ghosting. They stress the importance of self-reflection and prioritizing one’s mental well-being during such challenging times. Some even share their personal struggles with ghosting and the healing journey they undertook to find closure.


While the pain of being ghosted by a loved one can be overwhelming, seeking advice and support from online communities like r/relationships can aid in the healing process. Though it may be difficult, understanding that ghosting often reveals more about the ghoster’s flaws than the person being ghosted is crucial. Taking time to focus on personal growth and self-care after such an emotional ordeal will lead to a brighter and healthier future.

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