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Hezbollah Promises Retribution Following Lethal Airstrikes by Israel in Lebanon

Hezbollah has announced its intention to retaliate against Israel following a series of airstrikes that killed ten people in Lebanon.

This declaration comes in response to actions that escalated tensions between the two groups.

The Triggering Incident

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An incident involving strikes from Lebanon, which resulted in the death of an Israeli soldier, led Israel to carry out counterstrikes in Nabatiyeh and a southern village.

Israel has attributed these initial strikes to Hezbollah, though the group has not confirmed their involvement.

Hezbollah’s Stance

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Hassan Fadlallah, a senior Hezbollah official, vehemently stated that Israel would face consequences for its actions.

“The enemy [Israel] will pay the price for these crimes,” Fadlallah told Reuters, highlighting the group’s resolve.

Defense and Protection

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Fadlallah also emphasized Hezbollah’s right and determination to defend its people.

He mentioned, “Hezbollah has a legitimate right to defend its people and will not flinch in doing what is needed to protect it,” underscoring the group’s readiness for conflict.

Israel’s Response

Credit: Press statement by Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini at the European Union headquarters in Brussels, Belgium on Dec. 11, 2017 — Photo by Ale_Mi

Israel, through a spokesperson from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, conveyed a clear message to Hezbollah.

Avi Hyman stated, “Our message to Hezbollah has and always will be: Don’t try us,” indicating Israel’s preparedness to retaliate.

Ongoing Military Operations

Israeli soldiers attacks – war againist terror — Photo by javax_ber

Israel has conducted additional strikes in southern Lebanon, targeting Hezbollah’s infrastructure and launch posts.

These operations were executed near the border towns of Labbouneh, Wadi Slouqi, Majdal Selm, and Houla.

The Broader Conflict

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The recent military engagements are part of a series of confrontations between Israel and Hezbollah along the northern border.

These incidents occur concurrently with Israel’s military offensive against Hamas in Gaza.

A Deadly Day

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According to The Associated Press, the day of the Israeli counterstrikes was marked as the deadliest in four months of conflict on the northern border.

This highlights the severe implications of the ongoing hostilities.

Calls for Peace

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In his statements, Fadlallah called on Israel to cease the war in Gaza, extending the discussion beyond the immediate conflict to the broader regional tensions.

This reflects a desire for a wider peace, even amid threats of retaliation.

The Impact of Strikes

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The airstrikes by Israel that led to the deaths in Lebanon have intensified the situation, prompting a firm response from Hezbollah.

The cycle of violence and retaliation continues to escalate the conflict.

International Concerns

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The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, with its potential for further escalation, has drawn international attention.

The implications for regional stability are significant, raising concerns among global observers.

Seeking Resolution

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The deadly outcomes of the recent military actions underscore the urgent need to resolve the conflict.

As tensions continue to rise, the call for peace becomes ever more critical to prevent further loss of life and instability in the region.

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