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Hochul Demands Deportation Of Suspects In Assault On NYC Police

New York Governor Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, has called for the deportation of individuals involved in the recent attack on two New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers in Times Square.

The assault, captured on video and shared on social media, has led to a strong response from Governor Hochul, who emphasized the importance of protecting law enforcement.

Deportation Demand by Governor Hochul

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Governor Hochul expressed her stance on the deportation of the attackers during an interview on CNN’s “This Morning.”

Send Them Back

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“Get them all and send them back,” Hochul said in a clip aired on CNN “This Morning.”

“You don’t touch our police officers. You don’t touch anybody.”

Migrant Status Confirmed

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An NYPD spokesperson confirmed that all seven suspects involved in the attack are migrants.

The video of the assault depicted the officers struggling to subdue one individual in a yellow shirt or coat, followed by further physical aggression from other men.

Arrests and Charges

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Initially, four men were arrested and charged with gang assault, obstructing government administration, and assaulting a police officer.

Another man was charged with attempted assault later.

Two More Suspects Arrested

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Despite the charges, all five individuals were released without bail.

Two additional suspects were arrested later, bringing the total number of arrests to seven, but their release status remained unclear.

Injuries to Police Officers

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The police officers involved in the incident suffered minor injuries and received on-site treatment.

One officer sustained a laceration to the nose during the altercation.

Challenges Faced by Blue-State Leaders

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Governor Hochul and other Democratic leaders in blue states have grappled with a significant influx of migrants entering their jurisdictions.

Gov. Abbott’s Migrant Strategy

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott has transported many migrants to blue-led cities and states, highlighting the ongoing border security concerns.

In December, the number of encounters at the southern border surpassed 300,000 in a month, setting a new record.

Appeals for Federal Assistance

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Blue-state mayors and governors have sought assistance from President Biden and the federal government to address the immigration challenges they face.

Biden’s Pledge

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President Biden pledged to take action on border security in response to bipartisan legislation under negotiation in the Senate.

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