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Honduran Drug Dealers Exploit San Francisco’s Sanctuary City Policy, Praise Lack of Deportation

Illegal alien drug dealers from Honduras are reportedly taking advantage of San Francisco’s sanctuary city policy, which shields them from deportation when arrested. The policy has attracted Honduran drug dealers to the Democrat-controlled city, where they can sell drugs to Americans.

An investigation by the San Francisco Chronicle, reviewing police and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) records and interviewing 25 Honduran drug dealers, shed light on their motives and how they benefit from the sanctuary city policy.

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Honduran Drug Dealers in San Francisco:

According to the investigation, many of the drug dealers arrived in San Francisco with the intention of selling drugs, while some initially planned to work legal jobs. The allure for these Hondurans lies in the city’s strict sanctuary policy, which gained international attention after the high-profile killing of Kate Steinle in 2015.

Drug dealers appreciate that arrests on drug charges do not necessarily lead to deportation from the United States. Most drug dealers are released from jail without bail, and only a small fraction face swift convictions.

San Francisco’s Sanctuary City Policy:

The drug dealers express that San Francisco’s sanctuary city policy makes it feel like they are back in Honduras, as they believe they can freely operate without the fear of deportation. The Chronicle quoted a drug dealer who said, “You go to jail and you come out” due to the lack of deportations.

Some deported drug dealers from Honduras have returned to San Francisco multiple times, crossing the southern border illegally to resume their drug trafficking activities.

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Impact on Convictions and Overdose Deaths:

San Francisco’s focus on shielding most illegal alien drug dealers from deportation has resulted in a low conviction rate for drug crimes. Only six percent of those charged with drug crimes from 2018 to 2022 were convicted.

In 2022, the city witnessed nearly 650 accidental drug overdose deaths, with over 70 percent attributed to fentanyl. The first five months of 2023 saw an increase of over 40 percent in overdose deaths compared to the same period last year, with nearly eight in ten deaths attributed to fentanyl.


San Francisco’s sanctuary city policy, which protects illegal alien drug dealers from deportation, has attracted Honduran drug traffickers who see the city as a safe haven to operate and evade consequences for their actions.

The lack of swift convictions and the rising number of overdose deaths indicate the challenges faced by law enforcement in combating drug-related crimes in the city.

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