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House GOP Members Threaten AG Garland With Contempt Proceedings During Biden Classified Documents Inquiry

House Republicans say they are ready to initiate contempt of Congress proceedings against AG Merrick Garland unless he provides unredacted materials from the president’s classified documents case.

This demand stems from a subpoena issued last month by Reps. James Comer and Jim Jordan, who are spearheading an inquiry into Special Counsel Robert Hur’s investigation and subsequent decision not to levy charges against the president.

Jordan, head of the Judiciary Committee, and Comer, leader of the Oversight Committee, specifically requested unaltered transcripts and audio from extensive interviews done between Hur, Biden, and his ghostwriter, setting a compliance deadline of April 8.

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The Justice Department has responded, emphasizing its transparency and cooperation with Congress throughout the investigation.

According to spokesperson Emma Dulaney, the Department has shared Hur’s report in its entirety, provided documents including Biden’s interview transcript, and facilitated Hur’s testimony before Congress, lasting over five hours.

The ongoing dispute highlights the tension between the Republican lawmakers and Hur, a GOP-appointed federal prosecutor, who recently faced questioning from Congress. 

During his appearance, Hur defended his comprehensive 345-page report which, while critical of Biden’s age and mental competence, recommended against criminal charges due to insufficient evidence.

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This confrontation underscores the contrasting perspectives within Congress, with Republicans asserting a bias in the treatment between Biden and former President Donald Trump, who faces his own legal challenges regarding classified documents. 

They argue that Biden’s case was dismissed without charges, whereas Trump has been subjected to legal action under similar circumstances.

However, significant differences exist between the two cases, notably Biden’s prompt return of the discovered documents and his cooperation with the investigation, in contrast to allegations against Trump of concealing documents and attempting to destroy evidence.


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