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House GOP Subpoenas DOJ in Hunter Biden Impeachment Probe, Prompting Pushback

In the ongoing impeachment inquiry targeting President Joe Biden, House Republicans have issued new subpoenas to the Justice Department, prompting pushback.

The subpoenas, related to the Hunter Biden criminal investigation, have reignited tensions surrounding allegations of political interference.

The 14-month Probe

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The 14-month investigation into Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings has become a focal point of the impeachment inquiry.

This has fueled ongoing tensions between House Republicans and the Biden administration.

Justice Department Pushback

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The Justice Department rebuffed House Republicans’ subpoenas, asserting it has taken significant steps to address claims of political influence in the Hunter Biden investigation.

However, the subpoenas marked another confrontation in the impeachment inquiry into President Biden.

Response to Subpoenas

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The department responded to subpoenas sent by the Judiciary Committee, targeting two Justice Department attorneys and officials previously questioned by the committee.

The committee’s chair, Jim Jordan, received the department’s letter addressing the matter.

Hunter Biden Investigation

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Hunter Biden’s tax and business affairs have been under scrutiny since 2018, with ongoing investigations in Delaware.

Despite facing charges and probes, he maintained his innocence, pleading not guilty to gun and tax-related charges.

Allegations of Interference

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Republicans have raised concerns about potential interference in the Hunter Biden investigation, citing claims from Internal Revenue Service agents.

However, senior Justice Department officials testified that there was no interference from President Biden or the White House.

Rare Testimony

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The testimony of six senior Justice Department officials affirmed the absence of interference in the investigation, a significant aspect of the ongoing impeachment probe.

Notably, rank-and-file attorneys provided testimony, a rare occurrence in such proceedings.

Deposition from Prosecutor

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Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss’s deposition marked a significant moment in the investigation, representing the first time a special counsel has testified before lawmakers during an ongoing probe.

However, Jordan expressed skepticism about the extent of Weiss’s authority.

Call for Written Questions

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The Justice Department requested specific written questions from the Judiciary Committee, signaling a willingness to engage with the inquiry.

This move demonstrated the department’s efforts to address concerns raised by House Republicans.

Continued Scrutiny

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House Republicans intensified their scrutiny of Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings, suggesting potential corruption and influence peddling.

However, the ongoing investigation has yet to yield direct evidence implicating President Biden in misconduct.

Challenges for Republicans

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Despite conducting numerous interviews and reviewing extensive documentation, Republicans have not substantiated claims of misconduct by President Biden.

Additionally, an FBI informant, key to their allegations, faces charges of fabricating a bribery scheme involving the Bidens.

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