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House GOP Urge Biden to Undergo Cognitive Test, Highlight ‘Obvious Mental Decline’ Post-Hur Report

House Republicans, led by Rep. Ronny Jackson, have directly appealed to President Joe Biden to undergo a cognitive test. 

They express concerns over his mental fitness for office, citing public gaffes as a national security concern.

Broad GOP Support

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The request is backed by 83 House Republicans, including key figures such as House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik and Chief Deputy Whip Guy Reschenthaler. 

Their collective stance points to growing unease about the President’s leadership capability.

Special Counsel’s Report

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The push for Biden’s cognitive assessment follows a report by Special Counsel Robert Hur on Biden’s handling of classified documents. 

Despite clearing Biden of intentional wrongdoing, the report characterized him as forgetful, fueling speculation about his cognitive health.

Presidential Fitness

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GOP lawmakers argue that the presidency demands sound mental capabilities. 

They express doubts about Biden’s ability to execute the duties of the office effectively, given recent public incidents.

Repeated Requests

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This marks the fifth request by Jackson for Biden to take a cognitive exam. 

Previous requests to the White House for such an assessment have gone unanswered, raising further questions among GOP members.

Public Concerns Highlighted

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Jackson and his colleagues point to Biden’s noticeable mental decline and forgetfulness. 

Instances of confusion and misidentification by Biden have been cited as evidence of his deteriorating cognitive state.

Global Implications

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The letter suggests that Biden’s perceived cognitive issues could embolden adversaries like China. 

It warns of the national security risks posed by doubts over Biden’s ability to manage international tensions and conflicts.

White House’s Humorous Rebuttal

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In response to inquiries about the cognitive test, the White House sent images of Dr. Nick Riviera from “The Simpsons” to Fox News Digital. 

This humorous dismissal underscores the administration’s view of the GOP’s request.

Official Stance on Testing

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Despite the GOP’s persistent calls, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed that Biden would not undergo a cognitive test as part of his regular physical exam. 

This decision aligns with the administration’s efforts to downplay concerns about Biden’s cognitive health.

The GOP’s Warnings

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Republicans fear Biden’s cognitive state may be perceived as a weakness by international adversaries. 

They specifically raised concerns about China’s military ambitions and the potential for conflict in Taiwan.

Noteworthy Incidents

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The GOP’s letter recounts several public incidents where Biden appeared confused or misspoke. 

These include confusing French President Emmanuel Macron with a predecessor and mixing up the names of German leaders.

The Call for Transparency

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Jackson and his colleagues urge Biden to submit to a cognitive screening and publicly release the results. 

They argue that transparency is crucial for public confidence in Biden’s ability to serve.

Administration’s Confidence

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Despite the GOP’s concerns, the Biden administration remains confident in the President’s mental fitness. 

Allies of Biden have pushed back against suggestions that his age or mental state are impediments to his leadership.

A Divided Perspective

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The debate over Biden’s cognitive fitness highlights a deep political divide. 

While Republicans push for testing, Democrats and the administration dismiss these calls as politically motivated.

Ongoing Scrutiny

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As the situation unfolds, it remains a contentious issue in American politics. 

The discussion about presidential health and fitness underscores the complexities of governance and the scrutiny public officials face.

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