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House Oversight Committee Chairman Comer Promises Transparency and Releases Timeline for Hunter Biden Deposition and Public Hearing

In an effort to maintain transparency during the investigation into Hunter Biden, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer has announced that he will release the transcript of Hunter Biden’s upcoming deposition and schedule a public hearing for the president’s son.

Comer, a Republican from Kentucky, subpoenaed Hunter Biden for a deposition on December 13th. However, Hunter Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, has proposed a public hearing instead, where Hunter can answer questions directly before the American people.

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Critics, particularly Democrats involved in the impeachment inquiry against President Biden, have accused Comer and House Republicans of avoiding a public hearing because they believe the case against Hunter is weak.

Comer refuted these claims, stating that the plan has always been to depose Hunter Biden, emphasizing that the deposition will be the starting point for the investigation.

Comer explained that a public hearing is not as efficient for gathering information as a deposition. He cited time limitations, where only a limited number of questions can be asked in a public hearing, as a drawback. Comer reassured that the deposition will be transparent, with the transcript being released unless it contains classified information.

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Comer emphasized the committee’s commitment to transparency by citing the thousands of pages of documents accumulated and the numerous press conferences and bank memorandums held to present new evidence to the public.

He also criticized Democrats for their double standard, noting that they used depositions extensively during the January 6th investigation and even showed films of the depositions during public hearings.

House Democrats responded to Comer’s decision by calling it an “epic humiliation” and accusing Republicans of being uninterested in the facts. However, former House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz defended Comer, stating that conducting a transcribed interview or deposition before a public hearing is normal in serious investigations.

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Chaffetz downplayed Hunter Biden’s request for a public hearing, suggesting that it may be a tactic to avoid a more thorough investigation. He emphasized that the Bidens do not have the authority to dictate how the House of Representatives conducts its investigations.

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Lowell, Hunter Biden’s attorney, criticized Comer and Republicans for manipulating facts and proposed an open-door approach to shed light on the proceedings. Chaffetz noted that Democrats now find themselves in a difficult position because they were the ones who set the standards.

In conclusion, Comer asserted that his investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings is a credible and serious inquiry into public corruption. He claimed that new evidence arises daily, exposing alleged crimes such as money laundering, unregistered foreign agent activities, and securities fraud. Comer also accused Joe Biden of being aware of and communicating with individuals involved in wiring money to his family.

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