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House Oversight GOP Asserts Corruption in Hunter Biden’s Business Dealings Without Direct Evidence of Payments to Joe Biden

House Oversight Republicans have adopted a new strategy to accuse President Joe Biden of corruption in relation to Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings, even in the absence of direct evidence showing that Joe Biden financially benefited from those dealings.

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The committee released a memo outlining their approach, stating that they don’t need to prove direct payments to the President to establish corruption.

The memo highlights that the law recognizes payments to family members to corruptly influence others as potential bribery, citing the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

The committee’s argument is that such indirect payments and corrupt actions can still constitute corruption, even if they don’t involve direct financial transactions to the President himself.

This strategy represents a shift in focus from attempting to directly tie President Biden to financial benefits from Hunter Biden’s dealings to instead emphasizing the potential corrupt influence and actions involved in those dealings.

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The memo reflects growing calls from some House Republicans, including former President Donald Trump, to pursue impeachment of President Biden, even without concrete evidence of direct financial benefits.

The committee’s current approach enables them to focus on potential influence and corrupt actions rather than solely relying on the direct financial angle.

The White House has consistently denied any direct involvement of President Biden in his son’s business dealings and has labeled such investigations as politically motivated.

The committee’s memo aims to present an alternative argument that focuses on the potential corrupt intent and actions associated with the business dealings, without requiring proof of direct payments to the President.

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